20/20: Marriage Is Unsafe For Men

mgtow - marriage is unsafe

Paul Elam is interviewed on ABC news in 2013 about how marriage is unsafe for 21st century men in the west. The voice of the Men’s Rights Movement keeps getting louder and louder.

There has been a change in the world, especially in the last fifty years. In the world of men and women, in particular where women’s roles have changed drastically. What a lot of us in this area find, is that men’s roles have not changed very much. That there really hasn’t been a response to the first, second, and third waves of feminism. Men have sort of just gone along and lived their lives without reacting to much of it.

Many of them find now that they have to react. That there is a very strong feeling that marriage has become unsafe ground for men. Because we have corrupt family courts that routinely practices bias against men and fathers. Men are waking up to this, that they don’t get a fair deal, because of the preferential bias for mothers in custody.

Andrew Henderson – The Best Places To Live And Work Overseas

young man going overseas to travel - Live And Work Overseas

Sick of the debilitating regulations and pitiful economic opportunity in the United States? The ‘Nomad Capitalist’ has some suggestions for the best places to live and work overseas.

What does it take to be a global entrepreneur? Andrew Henderson, the proprietor of ‘Nomad Capitalist’, joins the Success Harbor podcast to talk about his favorite places for entrepreneurs to live, do business, and invest overseas.

After five months of travelling in Eastern Europe, he was admittedly underwhelmed. However, he believes Asia has a fantastic business climate. China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and even Cambodia were notable standouts.

Iran’s Press TV Does Air Positive Stories About The United States

iran usa peace deal - Press TV

Iran’s state-funded English language channel, Press TV, is almost thoroughly dismissed among mainstream news networks in the United States as a propaganda channel, which thrives on airing non-stop stories that portray the U.S. in a negative light. And while I do enjoy viewing Press TV as a vital source of 3rd party information, I would probably be lying to you if I told you it wasn’t!

However, if you came to the realization that if the United States simply stopped being an imperialistic warmongering bully, and got some it’s serious internal social issues under control, Press TV is actually very willing to extend the olive branch and air positive stories on the United States.

“Terrorism Analyst” Says ISIS Is Already In The United States

judge jeanine - terrorism analyst

Queue the scaremongering propaganda campaign from FOX News, as “Terrorism Analyst” Brigitte Gabriel seemed to confirm what many suspected and feared on Judge Jeanine’s show on Saturday night. She said that Homeland Security are monitoring suspected members of ISIS that are already in America, and they’re incredibly “sophisticated” by supposedly coming through our porous border.

Nanny State Roundup: Boogie Board Bans And Parking App Prohibitions

nanny state

In August, parking won’t be getting any easier in Boston as the nanny state or ‘city council’ pre-emptively bans parking spot reservation apps like Haystack. And one New York state senator makes it his mission to finally push through a 14-year-old bill to “ensure families know the dangers associated with old sunscreen.” But there can only be one Nanny of the Month, and this August it goes to another nanny draining the summer fun out of the beach: The New York City parks department, which has banned boogie boards.

Milton Friedman – Timeless Principles Of Freedom

milton friedman

Milton Friedman explains why the principles of Adam Smith and Thomas Jefferson are timeless, and how we can improve on them even further since we have over 200 years of history to draw upon.

What we need is widespread public recognition that the central government should be limited to it’s basic functions. Defending the nation against foreign enemies. Preserving order at home. Mediating our internal disputes. We must come to recognize that voluntary cooperation, through the free market and other ways, is a far better way to solve our problems than turning them over to the government.

How Kepler Has Profoundly Changed The Perception Of The Universe

spiral galaxy - kepler

Kepler has opened up a whole new universe in the understanding of our place in the cosmos. Only about 20 years ago, we didn’t know if there were any other planets around any other stars besides our own, now we know we live in a galaxy that contains more planets than stars. Every star in our galaxy has on average 1.6 planets in orbit around it.

Our own galaxy contains over 200 billion stars, with approximately 40 billion much like our own sun. Now, according to Kepler, there are nearly 9 billion planets roughly the same size as Earth. These planets will have the same potential as having liquid water on their surface, provided they are located in the circumstellar habitable zone.

The United States Is Trying To Lead From Behind

lead from behind

“Notice, you will see red lights keep coming on and off. You know what that symbolizes? It means I’m behind the other vehicles. This is the picture of America now. If you go to most other countries, they are producing things and getting ahead.

The United States was once the leader in just about everything. But socialism and communists have taken over. So see if you look at the sky, you see infinity. You see no limits. You see the possibilities are great. But when you are looking down at the red lights in front of you, you see that many times we are trying to lead from behind.”

Can The Police Search Your Cell Phone?

police search no warrant

You’re at a party and someone from the police asks to see your cell phone. What do you do? If you don’t know your rights, you could putting yourself and your future at risk. Professor Josh Blackman details in this video the ways in which recent court rulings are defining and limiting the boundaries in which police can search through your phone’s contents. 

But if you need a quick answer for your instant gratification, tell the police that they need a warrant. A recent supreme court case has affirmed this stance. A police search of your cell phone is not within their right if you get arrested. That includes your texts, phone calls, photos, or Uber receipts. Nothing can be searched without either a warrant or your consent.

More Military Suicides Than Combat Deaths Due To PTSD

depressed-soldier-ptsd - military suicides

“Punishment takes several forms. I don’t deserve good relationships. I don’t deserve a happy life. I deserve to be tormented with flashbacks, nightmares, and other unpleasant symptoms. Basically I deserve to be placed under court-martial and executed. Since the military hasn’t bother to court-martial me and execute me, I’m going to do that to myself”

Psychiatrist Dr. Colin Ross discusses the issue of military men committing suicide. Is this really due to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after combat, or is there a connection between the over-drugging of soldiers on psychotropic medications?