Robots Taking Over Jobs Will Eventually Lead To ‘Funemployment’

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It’s a shame that market economics requires humans to work, because robots could free us up for ‘funemployment’ with some slight changes to capitalism.

It’s a shame that market economics requires human beings to work. We need to maintain purchasing power to buy “stuff”, or else the whole system collapses. That’s troubling, because a recent study at Oxford University shows almost half the worlds jobs could be replaced by machine automation in the next 20 years. An intelligent species (like humans) should embrace technology, and free us from the need to work. Unfortunately, unemployment is a bad thing for capitalism. But trust me, it’s even worse for the Marxists.

Red Pill Report XVIII

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The Cost Of Raising Children – Can Only The Wealthy Afford Them?

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‘Benjamin’ sounds like a great name for this young lad!

The cost of raising children in these modern times can equate to financial suicide unless you are independently wealthy.

Unless you are independently wealthy, the cost of raising children in this day and age can equate to financial suicide. Numerous online reports, and even commentators such as Tom Leykis, have mentioned that the cost of raising one child has now exceeded $300,000. Just what kind of average Joe has that amount of capital, or can accumulate that kind of wealth to raise a child? Especially in this ‘New America’, where earning a humble $30,000 a year suddenly has the veneer of being a “good job” in the midst of so much unemployment and underemployment?

Islamic Family Values – A Cure For Western Degeneracy?

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There are plenty of attractive, intelligent, and family-oriented women in countries like Iran (just saying)

Would adopting more Islamic family values, and methods of child rearing, have a positive long term effect on western countries?

Imagine two scenarios, one where you’re a non-degenerate 28-year-old man with a “good job” (whatever that is) and living in the United Kingdom. You live in an area that’s quickly having a higher population of Muslims than the Anglo-Saxon natives. Lately you’ve been hearing countless stories from your mates about how horrible their marriages have become. You ponder and reflect on their stories, knowing that you’re well aware of the divorce statistics, and the anti-male attitude of Western family courts.

Melbourne, Australia

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People Inflation – A Good Reason To Become ‘Generalists’

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So you tried to “follow your passion” too huh?

People inflation and technological upheaval are some of the primary culprits behind widespread unemployment. It’s time to become generalists again.

One thing all economists seem to overlook is the supply and demand of human beings. This can otherwise be described as ‘people inflation’. When the supply of people is too large, food and other valuables we take for granted become more scarce. Wages also tend to go down as a result. The reason why there are now so many low-paying jobs in the United States, is because there are so many extra people for the labor that is required. Someone will work for the low wages when those jobs become available.

The Beta Male – Societal Savior Or Repressed Masculinity?

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Having a laugh at the great provider on a family vacation

The beta male is the upholder of western civilization. However, they are checking out of their expected roles, where they no longer see the incentives.

Western civilization owes a great debt of gratitude to the beta male. Our society is dependent on betas to perform most of the grunt work that keeps the core foundations of society afloat, particularly in regards to infrastructure maintenance. Women (by and large) don’t touch the trade professions in any significant numbers. It’s just not in their biological or social imperative to do such jobs.

MGTOW – The Movement Must Be Careful To Avoid Feeling Victimized

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Forty. Single. Happy. Successful. MGTOW.

MGTOW must traverse carefully, so that they don’t fall into the same trap as feminists. A victim mentality which avoids looking at their own shortcomings.

I’m not a fan of victim mentalities. MGTOWs do have to be careful that they don’t fall into the same trap that feminists have fallen into. You know, the one where they avoid looking at the part they play in personal outcomes.  I see parts of it, and at this stage I understand it, but hope things can be kept in check.

Liberalism – The True Nature Of The “Progressive” Path

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It all makes sense now!

Liberalism is elevating yourself to holier-than-thou status by tearing down others who have dissenting opinions, even when they have highly logical merit.

Liberalism is elevating yourself to holier-than-thou status by tearing down others who have any sort dissenting opinion, and claiming that being ‘upset’, ‘angry’, or ‘offended’ is the same thing as having an actual argument that carries logical merit. In doing so, they’ve largely purged genuine free thinkers and non-conformists from their midst at universities all across the western world. But now, they are starting to turn on each other. Even young liberals can’t stand the fury of the “language police” wielded by SJW’s.

Social Justice Warriors Thrive On Being Offended

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Straight? Check. White? Check. Male? Check. It’s the enemy!

Social justice warriors thrive on being offended to such a perverse level, calling somebody “colored” could see you unemployed and destitute next week.

To most people with a rational world outlook, being offended is usually a rather unsatisfying experience. It can expose a person to intolerance, a multitude of cultural misunderstandings, and even evoke the scars of the past. This is why ‘Australia Day’ is becoming ‘Invasion Day’ among a growing number of Aussie SJW’s, or that westward expansion in the U.S. should be synonymous with the ‘Trail of Tears‘.