Do Men Never Truly Get Over A Relationship Breakup?

An article which was featured in ‘The Independent’ suggests that men never truly recover from a relationship breakup. Or at least for a very long time.

American SJW’s Should Pressure Mauritania To Remove Their Flag

American SJW’s are working overtime to purge the Confederate flag, branding it as “racist”. But they should read up on the history of Mauritania.

A New Lame Duck President – That’s The “Change” Obama Brought

A long time ago in 2007, Barach Hussein Obama promised great “change” to the nation, but he has proven to be a giant lame duck like many before him.

6 Logical Fallacies You Can Expect From Feminists And SJWs

Feminists and social justice warriors are prone to use numerous logical fallacies in their arguments. But 6 fallacies in particular really stand out.

8 Bits Of Manosphere Wisdom From Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson is a highly unlikely source of red pill wisdom for masculine development, but every now and then he’s right on target.

One Way To Defeat Your Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is detrimental to everyone in life. But the negative outcomes of this condition are far worse for heterosexual men than anyone else.

4 Reasons Why We Should Praise The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

A staunch resistance to the degeneracy of 3rd wave feminism means that the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders deserve our respect.

Anything Women Can Do, Men Can Do Better

Let’s break this taboo and stop beating around the bush. There is essentially nothing (beyond motherhood) that women can do that men cannot do better.

5 Easy Ways To Fight The American Fatocalypse

Since many Americans are too lazy to go out and get any exercise, we must ponder more simplistic ways to stop turning the nation into the fatocalypse.

Permanent Unemployment Is America’s Permanent Future

Long-term unemployment or permanent unemployment is a major issue for those who are stuck in the American vortex, with seemingly no options to escape.