5 Things Chris Kyle And The ‘Full Metal Jacket’ Gunner Share In Common

chris kyle bradley cooper

I spy with my indifferent eye…

‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle and the fictional Helicopter Door Gunner from ‘Full Metal Jacket’ share several disturbing similarities.

This past weekend, millions of Americans shelled out a tenner (or more) to see ‘American Sniper’, the Clint Eastwood directed bio-pic of the deceased military sharpshooter Chris Kyle. Blue Pill Americans, or those who continue to espouse the illusary belief that the United States is the “greatest country in the world”, and that military service members are “heroes” no matter what they do, without doubt made up a majority stake of the cinema goers.

Neel Kolhatkar: What If Social Justice Warriors Ruled The World?

young woman confused - Neel Kolhatkar

Dammit! When we exterminated the straight white males we took most Auto Mechanics with them!

Neel Kolhatkar, a young Australian comedian of Indian heritage, created a video showcasing the ridiculousness of a social justice warrior takeover of society.

Imagine a world where all straight white males have been exterminated. A world where all social commentary and ideas had to be approved by “TEDx Women” before they could go public. A world where being an Ashkenazi Jew, or a transgender black lesbian female (complete with peroxided blonde hair), had you put on a pedestal as the top dogs of society.

Women Have A Golden Parachute During Divorce

Yellow Dress Golden Parachute

Made it! Now where are the Alphas I can rebound with?

Few people enter marriage expecting it to end in divorce. The problem is, women have a golden parachute in this outdated institution while men do not.

Few people enter marriage expecting it to end in divorce. The problem is, women have a golden parachute in this outdated institution while men do not. Don’t try and kid yourself gentlemen, for they will walk away when the going gets tough. It could be for a whole host of reasons.

Social Justice Warriors Get Atlanta Fire Chief Terminated

fireman with mask and axe - Atlanta Fire Chief

The mask doesn’t just protect me from fumes, it also protects my anonymity from Social Justice Warriors!

The Atlanta Fire Chief has learned the hard way that “freedom of speech” does not exist in the United States. He’s been fired for harmless thought crimes.

Surely we have figured out by now that the concept of “freedom of speech” is a joke. If the 1st amendment (that’s first on the list people) is not honored, than you shouldn’t have much faith that the other nine components in the Bill of Rights are going to be taken seriously either. The Fire Chief for the city of Atlanta, at the core of the nations 9th largest metropolitan area, has figured this out the hard way.

Thomas Jefferson, Where Are The Men Of Your Caliber?

thomas jefferson at congress

Let’s get down to business gentlemen

There should be at least 1,000 men with the qualities of Thomas Jefferson to lead the nation. But choice boils down to a handful of plutocratic families.

When we consider the founders of our nation – Jefferson, Washington, Samuel and John Adams, Madison and Monroe, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and many others – we have before us a list of at least ten and maybe even dozens of great political leaders.

They were well educated by-products of the European Enlightenment. They were students of history. They knew human fallibility and weakness and corruptibility. Fluency in the English language was taken with great pride, and many of them also understood French. They wrote their own speeches. They were realistic and practical, and at the same time motivated by high principles.

Putting The French Terrorist Attacks Into Perspective

perspective - French Terrorist Attacks

I’d like some fresh, clear, well-seasoned perspective…

It is important to put the French Terrorist Attacks into perspective, and realize that there are far more destructive forces at work in the world today.

Regarding the recent terror attacks in Paris, I am not jumping to the defense of Islam like so many other “progressive” social justice warrior outlets do whenever a group of Muslims commit mass carnage. Clearly, there are some major design flaws in the Islamic ideology which are completely unsuitable for the 21st century, and the religion needs to be called out as such for breeding such insane individuals who carry out these massacres. Even more disheartening is how so many moderate Muslims continue to remain silent among all this chaos, and we’ve all heard the “when good people do nothing” mantra before.

Stoicism – An Unfamiliar Concept To Social Justice Warriors


Pentagon Employee Viewed Porn Every Two Minutes For Three Months

pentagon employee government worker

Really? Are you sure this patriot wasn’t just monitoring the terrorist black-market porn-distribution channels which generate billions for evil gangsters? Trying to decode the messages being sent via sex positions and variations of female “Oh My God!” moaning?

In any case, a Pentagon employee identified as an accountant reportedly attempted to access porn while at work. An incredible 12,000 times over a period of just three months. Besides being just the textbook definition of a time waster, finding that much adult material online also poses a potential security threat.

“Slap Her” – A Quick Review Of The Latest Social Justice Video

slap her

And not even in self-defense either!

“Slap Her” is the latest bleeding heart social justice warrior campaign which has hit the streets of Italy. It’s yet another movement which is aimed to end violence against women (because in feminism, violence against men is a non-issue and men are completely expendable) by putting women on a pedestal. This is designed to embarrass and emasculate men of all ages, and in this case small male children, through public shaming tactics. Here is the best comment thus far which brings some red pill truths to the matter.

Lee Ann Mcadoo Reviews The Feminist Fails Of 2014

Lee Ann Mcadoo - Feminist Fails

Feminists are the best example of the lunacy and mental disorder that represents left-wing “progressive” cultural marxism. Feminism is (like communism itself) one of the biggest failures in history. You just can’t make two opposite and completely different sexes “equal” by law, just because somebody yells “discrimination” or “sexism”.

Women’s rights are absolutely fine when they are reasonable, not when they are engineered by communist-affiliated movements which are designed to destroy the nuclear family. Because in communism, there are no families. All children belong to the state. We need to oppose feminism, along with all other cultural marxist diatribe which is being pushed by the ‘progressive’ left, on all of it’s fronts.