The Artwork Of Luis Quiles – Symbolic Narcissism Of Modern Life

nude woman on tropical beach

How many “likes” on Facebook is she craving with this shot?

Controversial Spanish artist Luis Quiles makes illustrations which are technically safe for viewing at work, but they will still make you feel really dirty and uncomfortable for doing so. Some of the most fascinating examples of his recent work has explored the topics of social media addiction and narcissism among young females. These images brilliantly portray how their thirst for popularity, validation, and even earning money among these mediums is hindering their personal growth and self respect.

American Tanks, APCs, And Humvees Roll Through Latvia

American Tanks On Train

A freight train carrying a whole column of American tanks and other armored vehicles has been caught on camera in Latvia. Dalbe Railway Station, where the train was reportedly spotted several days ago, is less than 300km from the Russian border. Now just think about this for a second. How would the U.S. government react if a train full of Russian military equipment was less than 300km from the U.S. border in Mexico!? A bit hypocritical to be doing this don’t you think?

Peak Narcissism Has Arrived With “Selfie Surgery”

Marina Portnaya - Selfie Surgery

When will the relentless narcissism of the social media era, and peoples obsession with their smartphones, finally reach the tipping point where everybody just says “enough”? These days, people are so enamored with taking the perfect “selfie” on their mobiles, that there are now a host of apps to help them tweak their photos once taken.

Andrea Tantaros – America Tortures Because “We’re Awesome”

Andrea Tantaros

This is Andrea Tantaros, the same FOX news analyst who once joked that being on food stamps must be great because it would make you “so skinny“, and she has put her foot in her mouth yet again. Apparently the use of CIA torture tactics should be irrelevant to our nations moral standing, because America is just “awesome” and better than everybody else.

SJW’s Attempt to Shutdown NBA Game Attended by Prince William

social justice warriors - nba

Hundreds of Social Justice Warriors, chanting phrases like “I can’t breathe,” gathered outside the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn on the 8th of December, in an attempt to shutdown an NBA game in which the Nets were taking on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Prince William and Duchess Kate were scheduled to attend the game.

Australian SJW’s Want Children To Stop Sitting On Mall Santa’s Lap

mall santa with children

The Australian Children’s group ‘Bravehearts‘ (sounds like Social Justice Warriors to me)  has called on parents to stop their children from sitting on Santa’s lap in shopping malls across the country. ‘Bravehearts‘ wants children to stand next to Santa, rather than on his lap, “for their own safety”.

SJW Supports “Naming And Shaming” Companies With Male Leadership

amanda lundeteg - naming and shaming

Feminists and their army of Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s) can’t get their head around the idea that if the most suitable candidates for senior management in a company or organization happen to be all-male, then so be it. In the following video, Amanda Lundeteg uses the pro-feminist, pro-liberal, and pro-SJW platform “TEDx” to advocate the “naming and shaming” of Swedish businesses that do not have a single female on their management teams.

Hillary Clinton And Jeb Bush Consider Presidential Pros And Cons

hillary clinton versus jeb bush

Heading on 240 years ago, we fought a war to escape an oppressive Monarchy which was dictating the livelihoods of American settlers from an entire ocean away. Fast forward to the present, and we are presented with the sickening possibility of being offered just two choices for who will occupy the White House in 2016. Another Bush (Jeb Bush) or another Clinton (Hillary Clinton).

Is Technology And Modern Society Killing Traditional Relationships?

dead relationship - traditional relationships

There is no denying that militant feminism, the emergence of smartphones, and economic uncertainty have been wreaking havok on traditional relationships in western countries over the past decade. In the following video, ‘TruthOverEverything‘ discusses the devaluation of male attention in society, the inflation of the female ego through social media and hypergamy, the pitfalls of marriage for men, and the strong feelings of entitlement among the younger generation.

Seven “He Chose Poorly” Memes Straight From The Red Pill

he chose poorly

“He chose poorly” was one of the most memorable quotations from the 1989 adventure film “Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade‘. Late into the movie, which is set in the late 1930′s, the protagonist Indiana Jones uncovers a member of the Knights Templar who has been miraculously kept alive by the powers of the Holy Grail for seven hundred years.