VOCATION HITCH-HIKING™. . . or taking whatever job that happens to come your way

Source: Scribd

You just wasted one third of the rest of your lifetime. Many people seem to look for jobs with less of a future and more of a present. They do not know there is a hugedifference between the jobs they want, and the jobs they deserve (or earn), or what type of job is the right job for them. People do not seem to understand that all worldly success depends on serving and pleasing others. Everyone has to serve someone to be successful.

No one can profit just because they think they deserve to, others have to think so too. Most people rarely do what comes naturally, or what is right for them to do because of their innate talents, aptitudes,and skills. How happy and fulfilled can you be if you are doing something that is not what you should be doing…something that is boring…something that does not fit your point of view, and mindset and interests and talents and skills and aptitudes.