CNN: If You’re Not Doing Anything Wrong Why Should You Care If They’re Watching YOU?”

Here is a perfectly logical retort to Erin Burnett’s fascist statement, “If the police and the government are not doing anything wrong, why should they care if we film and spend more time watching them?”

  • Harold Smith

    If Obama’s not doing anything wrong, why can’t we see his birth certificate? If Obama’s not doing anything wrong, why can’t we see his school records?

  • Jeff

    Fuck that idea. I have LOTS of proprietary information, confidential client information as well as a few prototype inventions and two books that are being written on the subjects of government corruption and criminal doings… All on my computer.

    NONE of which is illegal and none of which is ANY of their fucking business. WHATSOEVER!

    Both my grandfathers went overseas in WWII to maim, kill and slaughter fascist fucks JUST like this. I would have NO PROBLEMS following in their (My grampa’s) proud footsteps to further their noble quest to rid the world of these diseased vermin.

  • Yes Indeed

    Why would women changing clothes in changing rooms or in bathrooms worry about spy cameras recording them??? They aren’t doing anything wrong…..

  • Peter GQQDMAN

    Zionism and jewish control of the world is a good thing. Anybody that is against government stalking is a racisn anti semite. Frank of the Right Perspective radio says so and I agree with him.