More U.S. Colleges offering Bachelor’s Degrees in Drone Piloting

(You mean I can get a degree in MURDER???? WTF!!!)

An increasing number of U.S. colleges have been offering bachelor degrees in drone piloting and engineering to students, while dozens more teach courses on UAVs. Starting salaries in the field are much higher than comparative jobs, like helicopter and commercial jet piloting. RT’s Anastasia Churkina reports on the trend, while controversy over drone use inside the U.S. grows.

  • Elyag Reed


    Multiple Drones being flown into Bridges across the main river crossing in Mid America. We are under attack by Hijacked Drones. NORAD Ordered to shoot down any drones that can not be verified as under control of DHS.
    Several of the Hijackers have been traced to the Middleeastern students taking Online Courses at various State Colleges – Due to the ongoing investigation the names of the colleges are being withheld.
    Anyone having information regarding suspecious foreign students please contact your local Law Enforcement Center.
    Do not approach the suspects as they are considered armed with Joystick controls and hacking programs that could guide other drones as a means of escaping arrest. Leave to us we are developing Anti-hijacking Drone Program..
    And so it goes – more technical advances only aid these terrorists.
    Remember – In a Desperate country – in a Desperate situation Desperate People will do Desperate things.
    We are Legion..

  • Mark

    What do you mean there are prerequisites of two years of ROTC courses, and I have to be “signed off” by ROTC administration? A FIVE YEAR wait to take the course?


    Universities and colleges offering drone piloting courses is growing. I would bet the number doubles by next year.

    Here is a list of schools that are currently cleared to offer drone piloting degrees and classes