Cop Threatens Charges After Student Blows .018, Says It’s ‘Double’ Limit of .08

After a student blows a .018 on a breathalyzer, an LAPD officer tells the student he blew double the legal limit of .08. The student, who is a physics major, tells the cop .018 is not double .08, .16 is double .08. “Not the way the machine reads it,” the cop responds. “Of course that’s how it reads it,” the student retorts. “Hey you know what, just argue it in court, cuz’ I’m gonna write my shit, ok?”

“I don’t have to prove shit to you,” the cop barks. “Double of .08 is .16,” the student again insists. “Argue it in court, tell the judge,” the cop says. (Note: The student admitted he had two beers recently, which would not put him anywhere close to double the legal limit, let alone the legal limit).

  • Ricardo

    “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.“
    – Unknown, often attributed to Mark Twain


      HAHAHA,this really proves just what I’ve been saying for years,all these cops are total morons ,who can’t read or write,AND your worried about someone with a gun,TRY THESE TERRORISTS IN BLUE,they not only have guns,but other weapons too,AND THEY AIN’T AFRAID TO USE THEM EITHER,they kill children,old people and anyone else who gets in their way,and when they come to your house,be AWERE they will steal anything they find of value,and if its worth really a lot, THEY WILL KILL EVERYONE TO HIDE THE THIEFT,so keep sucking ,maybe they’ll pass your house and won’t notice it…………….

  • Mamba

    It’s official, intellgence tests are not a requirement to be a cop!

    I’d love to see the look on the judge’s face when the student DOES go to court and the judge sees just how the cop wasted everyone’s time with this crap.

    Do breathalyzers need a big red light fail green light pass system for those cops too stupid to pass grade 9? :)

  • mary clyde

    Say the cop makes $80k/yr.

    Then he should have no trouble accepting $18k/yr., since by his math it’s more than double his present salary.

    Actually, $18k/yr. is probably closer to the cop’s market value….

    • Epi

      Well said! I have never met a cop I would have considered smart enough to graduate High School.

  • Tidmore

    Remember that the courts have ruled that it is okay for cop shops to reject applicants due to them having too high of an IQ. Cop shops like stupid automatons who will do whatever they are instructed to do and who are incapable of critical thinking and high-order information processing. That is why 99% of cops give the rest a bad name.

  • Shane

    This idiot cop is a danger to society. He is exhibiting agressive behavior with the attitude that he is giving the kid, yet his agression is based on flawed math skills, not being lied to. He will continue to harass law abidding citizens. It won’t be long beofre he shoots somone for stealing their own property.

  • Bill

    You can NOT be accepted into the Police force unless you have an IQ of less than 100.
    This moron cop can even do simple math!

    It’s way past time to fire the entire Goon Squad nation wide.

  • Legal Eagle

    Proof that the selection process for police only selects those of barely above average IQ; but in this case they must have been desperate and went way below that usual barrier. I hope it does go to court and the cop has the temerity to show up and tell the court (and everyone there) how his math works. Everyone needs a lilttle humor in their lives.

  • Big M

    Only an imbecile would blow into one of those things in the first place. You’re not required by any law to do so, and you don’t actually know what it measures, much less if it measures accurately (and the pig probably doesn’t, either). You could wind up with a criminal (What bogus bullshit. Where’s the victim?) record as a result of a misreading machine.

  • hp

    I wonder if this young man knows how close he came to being maimed or possibly killed for committing “contempt of cop.”
    Though not illegal, it is potentially life threatening.

  • george

    welcome to the jew world order

  • Joe Blo

    Okay, so the cops was given proof by his own breathalyzer that the young man was not intoxicated but he refused to take the time to properly interpret the results. The accused tried to enlighten the stupid cop but he refused to believe him also. So does he call his watch commander or Senior Lead Officer for assistance? No. This guy’s clearly a time bomb ready to blow. He doesn’t know his job and he refuses to take the necessary steps perform his job correctly: based on this incident he should at least receive a suspension without pay for a few days. And I would say that anyone who has ever been arrested or received a citation from this cop should have their case reopened.

  • haha

    LA classic. It’s the official policy not to hire anyone with human IQ for cops . Look it up.