Georgia Man ‘Claims’ To Have Found The Top Secret Coca-Cola Recipe. (Trying To Sell For $5 Million)

Cliff Kluge, a Georgia resident who loves finding and selling antiques, thinks he may have stumbled on a huge treasure: a copy of Coca-Cola’s top secret recipe. Kluge and his wife, Arlene, purchased a set of papers from an recent estate. Among them, the soda recipe from 1943. Kluge believes the recipe is from Coca-Cola because of several “clues” within the paper, such as direct references to Coke.

(The recipe makes direct references to Coke because Coca-Cola has pretty much been the flagship cola drink in the United States since the late 19th century, to which all other cola recipes are inevitably compared. Coca-Cola has been around since LONG before 1943. If this man expects to fetch $5 million for this generic cola recipe under the false veneer it is for “Coca Cola”, he IS a dreamer.)