“I care more about the people my students become.” Teacher resignation video railing against government schools.

  • Ponce

    Words from a true teacher on the future of your kids……….only the few will have a real education, an education to control the many.


  • Betsymom

    You may have been a good teacher, but many have not been. Our schools have been failing our country for years. All of this “big brother” oversight has been brought about they the demands of parents to improve our schools. Our society has reached a state of “critical mass”. It’s exploding on many levels, self-destructing.

    I’m sorry you’ve been a victim of the system, but the system was broken anyway. You have to admit that our children were not receiving quality education for the most part, across the nation. The impact of the collapse of our society has affected all areas, not just the schools. And some teachers needed to be fired. Unfortunately, that won’t fix a broken system.