Iranians celebrate Father’s Day in Tehran

(Iran is routinely demonized as a dangerous and untrustworthy nation in the US media. Not only are nearly all of these accusations false, it is essentially FACT that Iranians have a much higher degree of family unity and respect for one’s parents and elders in comparison with the United States. Today, one-third of American children – a total of 15 million – are being raised without a father.)

Father’s Day is a national holiday in Iran, which is celebrated annually on the birthday of Imam Ali, the first Shiite Imam. Many people are finding ways to thank and honor their fathers on this day for positively influencing their upbringing. They take the opportunity to spend more time with their fathers and grandfathers, often expressing their gratitude and paying their respects with a small gift. Iranians believe the father is someone who is always there to trust and depend on, regardless of one’s age.