‘Where-to-be-Born Index’ 1988 vs. 2013 – The United States and Australia essentially trade places

where_to_be_born_in_1988where to be born 2013

Just one generation ago in 1988, the United States of America was still considered to be the world’s top country for an average newborn to have the best shot at a happy, healthy, and economically prosperous life. It’s down under and culturally similar compatriot, Australia, ranked highly by global standards but was placed at an unexemplary 18th.

Fast forward a generation to 2013, and the rankings between the two countries have essentially done a complete switch. The United States now ranks a not-so-special 16th, and unless you don’t mind putting up with cold weather for half the year while living in Switzerland (ranking 1st), Australia now offers an unparalleled quality of life and economic opportunity on the world stage. (Click on images to enlarge)