Small Dry Ice Bottle Bomb At Disneyland, Suspect Held On…. $1 Million Dollars Bail???

One million dollars bail for misdemeanor vandalism, at best. Has this country lost it’s mind?

  • Tom

    Maybe if the “perpetrators” were dancing Israelis(like on 911)law enforcement would have apologized for arresting “our best friends in the Middle East” and pinned the blame on someone else. Geeez . . . cops must be under tremendous pressure nowadays to stamp out ANYTHING at all that can even remotely be considered “terrorism” and make an example of the “perpetrators”!

  • Fred

    Notice how the news faker says “exploding dry ice bombs” What is dry ice? Frozen carbon dioxide. How does it “explode”? The dry ice sublimates (goes from solid form to gas and skips the melting part) and creates a somewhat slow build up of pressure in the plastic bottle until it bursts. A real explosion happens in fractions of a second. Can a “dry ice bomb” actually blow up a car or a building or something, or rather just make a little pop noise and some steam………..

  • jon reid

    To even call it a “bomb” is a moron’s pathetic attempt to demonize a childhood prank. Other than an evil “pop” it could not harm anyone. There was no shrapnel, no explosive force. A firecracker provides more scary evil noise. Look at how dumb these people have become. Do not be one of them. Be loving to your neighbors and friends, or even strangers. Do not let the demon media divide and conquer us under the governments direction.