Caffeine Fix Now Considered A “Mental Disorder”

Do you experience ‘fatigue, headache, or difficulty focusing’ when you are not getting your daily fix of caffeine? Congratulations, according to the American ‘Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’ you are now a certified nutcase.

  • Patrick

    (1) I want to see a person, ONE person, that these “doctors” consider normal.
    (2) I want to see these “doctors” mental evaluations.

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    Two words of advice for our little ‘Grand Inquisitor’. This STILL is the U.S. and take heed. 1) Judge not,lest ye be judged. 2)You need care in a secured therapeutic atmosphere. I suggest attending a few beer bashes and make friends with the keg until you pass out drunk a few times. That will knock the stick out of your ass.
    Thanx for the warning, dear author. I forgot about the remnants of the Inquisition not found torturing innocent prisoners at Gitmo and elsewhere. My prayers and best wishes as always for those being incarcerated for the sport of swine. I’ll take that refill on my coffee now, thank you.