Condoleezza Rice ‘U.S. Doesn’t Have An Option Of No Action In Syria’

Is it worth “American lives”? Inherent in that question is the unspoken conclusion that American lives are more valuable than non-American lives. Are people really still OK with that, in 2013? This war mongering chicken-hawk of the Bush administration and her current employers want to spill some of your kids’ blood to preserve “the state system” in the Middle East. No one with half a brain buys this garbage, and no one with half a heart would condone more violence in an already brutalized country.

  • Michael Rivero

    Okay, Condi, if you really feel that way; here’s your rifle, here’s your parachute, watch your head climbing into that transport, and we’ll call Assad and tell him you are on your way to kick his butt all by yourself. But after that whopper you told us all about Saddam’s nuclear weapons, you will forgive the rest of America if we sit this one out and keep our kids safe at home.

  • tom dee

    One has to understand that Connie is from thre oil patch and you cannot expect an honest answer when it would effect the oil patch profits. Connie has a very long record of failure. She was identidfied by GWBush as someone who could be used to get the USA into conflict which they should avoid.