Man Trying To Rob Customers In Line For $180 Lebron James Sneakers Is Killed By Concealed Carry Holder

A great victory for the 2nd Amendment and concealed carry permits in Georgia today. More than two dozen people were outside Wish Clothing in northeast Atlanta Saturday morning for the release of Miami Heat star Lebron James’ $180-sneakers. According to witnesses, an armed man tried to rob a group of customers in line about 5:30 in the morning, expecting to get a potentially generous haul from cash-carrying customers. But one of the customers who was armed with his own handgun shot and killed the suspect.

Atlanta Police say all indications show that this incident took place in self-defense and no charges will be filed. The man actually continued to wait patiently in line to buy his LeBron James shoes. Champion!

  • robertsgt40

    Some things never change. Twenty years ago you could gave been killed for your Michael Jordan sneakers. There’s a common thread here.

  • Whatever

    It is all LeBron James’ fault. If he had stayed in Cleveland he would not have won any titles and no one would care about him or his sneakers.