Pittsburgh Police Arrest Man for Nothing More Than Video Recording An Arrest

(Some form of technological ability to record video is quickly becoming omnipresent in the pockets of just about anyone under the age of 40 in most industrialized nations, chiefly because of smartphones. Police officers need to be schooled that such technology is here to stay and that such a lashing out at an innocent bystander who has committed no crime is totally unacceptable. Much like every civilian is under constant surveillance to discourage bad behavior, a police force under surveillance should help ensure a well-behaved police force.)

A Pittsburgh police officer was already making an arrest when he turned to a man video recording him and decided to arrest him as well. Nicholas Gerhold said he was attending the Kenny Chesney county music concert Saturday night when a fight broke out in the parking lot.

Police started ordering people to disperse but people apparently didn’t leave quick enough, which is when cops started making arrests. Gerhold said he and his friend handcuffed and detained in the paddy wagon for 30 minutes before they were freed and informed they would receive citations in the mail.