‘If Zimmerman Get Off, Ima Go Kill A White Boy’ – Some Trayvon Martin Supporters Make Shocking Twitter Threats Ahead Of Verdict

Source: The Blaze

(Note: The original article in The Blaze tries to bait it’s largely conservative viewers into implying that many Trayvon Martin supporters in general are in favor of these disgusting tweets, rather than a select minority. While we can assume all of these messages are full of hot air, it is a disappointing revelation that blind ignorance and prejudice are still around us.)

As the murder trial of George Zimmerman marches on, a growing number of supporters for slain teen Trayvon Martin are vowing to carry out disturbing and deadly acts of violence if Zimmerman is not found guilty. Twitter has been buzzing with death threats against Zimmerman (and random white people…and for the truly ambitious, an “hispanic/white” person) if the verdict isn’t declared guilty, for the murder trial in which Zimmerman is pleading self-defense in his fatal shooting of Martin. Be advised of rough language ahead.


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All they can see through this is race. That is just plain sad. :(

  • Michael Rivero

    We are being set up. The US Government, threatened with all the ‘gates’ undermining its credibility, legitimacy, and authority, are looking for a way to suspend the Constitution. The plan to stage a provocation with Adam Kokesh’s march into DC collapsed, but now it appears that he US Government is hoping to trick Treyvon Martin’s supporters into rioting acrss the nation; a large-scale repeat of the riots in Los Angeles back in 1992. That will allow the government to get rid of the Constitution they so clearly hate, and they are counting on the black population to be stupid enough to fall for it.

    • Gm

      Its no set up, M.R.

      Its blacks doing what blacks do.

      They did it in Rodney King, they did in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, LA, New York and other metropolitan cities.

      You dont deal with them on a regular basis living in Hawaii like the rest of us do. Thats obvious.

  • Perry

    Give them Matt Lauer’s address ……..

  • Hoyeru

    Hey Rivero, what about them record temperatures in Phoenix today, huh? Talk about them huh? What dont you, huh?

    • Steve Goddard

      From June 12 to June 29 1974, Phoenix was over 110F every day. The current heatwave is not a record breaker or even particularly unusual.

  • Glenn Hutchinson

    The black community as they like to be called need to remember they are the minority when it comes to gun owners as well, and most white folks that I know can hit what they shoot at!
    If you black people wish to start a race war all I can say is there will be many fewer Obama phones and government checks needed when the smoke clears. Think about this while you run your stupid mouth, George Zimmerman is being railroaded to appease you racist assholes, he should have never been arrested in the first place.

    • Robert Merryfield

      Well said,and may I also add I live in Chicago and we have many illegals who hate Blacks and there numbers are in the millions. But I don’t understand how this people can make public statements about Killing they should be locked up or charged with some kind of hate crime.

  • Dave

    I curse our founders daily for importing these savages for cheap labor…


    Those of you who have proclaimed yourself Judge, Jury and prosecutors in the Zimmerman case and are saying white people are going to die if he is found innocent need to think about what you are saying.
    What goes around comes around. (Judge not yet be judged) If you find yourself in a similar situation would you want others to say they are going to KILL another of your race if you go free.
    Let the justice system do its job. Weather he is freed or incarcerated let the system work. If Zimmerman is guilty and is not prosecuted by the law of man, he surely will be prosecuted by the laws of God.

  • Eight Tray Gangster

    Nothing will come of this. Those tweets are fake just like the ones following hurricane sandy.Dont fall for the bullcrap people!

  • Gm

    Too stupid to understand that Zimmerman is not even white!
    He is a Hispanic J E W..

    And lastly, Niggas gonna Nig. Thats why we like 38 special S&W.
    Ready, Willing and able to protect me and mine.

  • Mr. Jonz

    For every one of these tough talking black racists there’s probably 20 well armed whites wishing and hoping they try.

  • TK

    All i can say is yeah right :) Go ahead and try to kill the first person of a different race just because you cling to the first trendy news story you see.Your doing nothing to help yourself or your own race by furthering the cycle of hate. LOL Internet tough guys be warned you dont know who might hand you your own a$$.

  • jon reid

    Ima gonna kills da whitey two. ifins da duude be gettin offs. and sit. Das whitey be steelin my edumacations and my fuud sthampes.

  • Constance Michaels

    i dont understand why people comment and say that gonna kill a white person, when zimmerman wasnt white, he was hispanic and killing isnt gonna bring him back, said story and i hope that bitch gets death for what he did, but doesnt make white people bad when he wasnt white himself, just saying, and its just gonna make blacks even look badder bc of hate crime, i mean come the hell on we in 2013 not 1940s, that what the hell is wrong with our country today still got racist hate crime, i know my opinion dont matter but im sure if your back you had a good experience with a white person so not all of us our bad, if anything i be honest im white and i love my family i have black and so on mixed in it but i dont like hispanics bc they fight dirty and their nasty but leave white ppl out of it exsp since the main person focused here is Zimmerman and he isnt white……….POINT BLANK