Is The United States The Worst Place To Live Among Western Nations?

The greatest nation on earth (© US politicians & media) is exposed as among the worst in the West on all life indicators. The U.S. ranks dead last in public safety (30th of 30) and last on generosity (least asylum seekers, most environmental damage, least foreign aid). Additionally, the United States has the worst press freedom, has higher corruption than Uruguay and Barbados, the lowest political participation, the lowest proportion of women in politics, and on human rights the country ranks an appalling 167th in the world.

Republicans especially like to talk ‘Family’ like they invented it, but their policies give America’s children the lowest child benefits in the developed world, the most horrific child poverty, and 1 in 2 teenagers are living in a household without both a mother and father. At least the U.S. still has the biggest economy…until China surpasses it in 2016.