Police State America – Searching Everyone’s Backpack And Violating the 4th Amendment

Recognize the propaganda from the mainstream media here folks. They want you to think this is how happy people live their lives, completely unaware that their governments is tyrannical and violating everyone’s rights for the illusion of safety. Yes, swallow the poison. It’s okay because this out-of-shape Chicago cop was such a nice guy and no one set off a bomb. It’s because they caught that guy with two guns before he murdered everyone, right? (sarcasm)

  • DDearborn


    It doesn’t matter if they found a nuclear weapon. The 4th amendment states that without a warrant you cannot be searched period. And bear in mind the phrase probable cause as written in the 4th amendment is NOT ENOUGH on its own to allow a search. So the police declaring they “suspect” something and therefore have “probable cause” does NOT give them the right to search. They must have an oath or affirmation, the name of the person and item they are searching for and a WARRANT ISSUED BY A JUDGE. The 4th Amendment does NOT ALLOW any exceptions. The notion that probable cause is enough in itself to allow a government search is a modern creation of the government itself. In other words the government is allowing itself to override and therefore violate the BIll of Rights.

  • Epi

    Everyone laughing were white folk, everyone getting stopped and frisked in violation of the 4th were Black. How…surprising…