“What I Love About Walmart”

In this eye-rolling and melodramatic Walmart PR video, associates share what they love about working for Walmart and being part of the Walmart “family”. It is made to make you think that Walmart employees are so happy and emotionally attached to their jobs that they could not possibly consider striking due to poverty wages and poor working conditions, which has actually occurred on numerous occasions just in the past year alone.

Despite being a multi-billion dollar corporation, Walmart associates are paid so little that much of their livelihoods must be supplemented by the U.S. taxpayer in the form of food stamps and other government benefits. Recently, Walmart opted out of expanding in the Washington D.C. area due to the passing of a new ‘living wage’ ordinance, which would have required new associates to be paid $12.50 per hour in what is already among the most expensive parts of the country.