Fear of Race Riots is Psyop! Lies and Distraction

George Hemminger talks about the probability of race riots and what happened during the Rodney King Riots. They were really isolated to primarily black communities and lasted a few weeks at most. I find it laughable the MSM attempts to instigate race riots across America. Stupid! Anyone to fall for this mis-direction is plainly asleep. They are distracting the sheep from the 1000s of other things that are of more importance, NSA intrusions in private life, gov’t involvement in overseas military engagements, prosecution of whistle blowers and the targeting and imprisonment of those that promote the 2nd amendment. Not counting the tenuous nature of our economic predicament the instability of our current way of life.

Riots will come soon enough when the people don’t have enough to eat, or that unemployment becomes to high, society will not be able to appease the anger of the young unemployed males. See the manipulation for what it is…I can’t believe how easily we are duped into following these media created charades.