Kim Dotcom Speaks At The Auckland Protest Against The GCSB Spy Bill

Kim Dotcom speaks to a large audience about how the New Zealand GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau) is merely a subsidiary of the NSA, spying chiefly for the United States as part of the ‘Five Eyes’ international spying network.

Dotcom further exclaims that the new surveillance bill, which will make it legal for the foreign-focused GCSB to spy on New Zealanders on behalf of the Security Intelligence Service (SIS), will make New Zealand a permanent puppet for the US government. He concludes by praising Edward Snowden and calling John Key, the former London-based Bankster turned Prime Minister of New Zealand, “the biggest puppet of them all”.

  • Boris

    Just remember that If we never had ‘intelligence operatives’ in NZ back in days of WW2 & prior we may quite likely all be speaking German. Now a German has come here on his reconnaissance visit to muster up some dummies so that he can revert us to the his fantasies of past times. We need the GCSB now more than ever when Narcissistic Power mongers like KDC slip through the net.