TSA Employees Handing Out Preferential Treatment

There are a new series of concerns being addressed about the TSA, focusing specifically on employee misconduct. Infractions include sleeping on the job, leaving work without permission, and perhaps the most serious being “letting friends and family go unscreened”. Just how many of these serious security-related infractions have been documented? It is approaching nearly 2,000 incidents.

  • Franklin

    If Management paid attention to blatant infractions there would be a LOT more reported. Supervisors coming in stone drunk, padding hours, stealing from the confiscated items ….. But when Management refuses to DO anything to their FRIENDS ……………………

  • Whatever

    So they are leaving without permission? Is that such a bad thing?
    Better yet, if they need permission to leave, here goes…GO HOME NOW and DON’T COME BACK!
    Your Boss

  • It is I only

    Scum of the Earth! Homopedophiles, molesters, rapists, thieves, perverts, bulldykes, Uncle Sam has a job for you as a TSA goon