Freedom In America Is Now An Illusion

Don’t just think that the United States Constitution is going to be abolished, it HAS already been abolished. We have unconstitutional checkpoints that totally violate the 4th amendment, where quote-on-quote police officers will bash in your car window if you exercise your 5th amendment rights to remain silent and not self-incriminate. We have increasing limitations on the 2nd amendment.

We have whistleblowers being thrown in jail for non-crimes (or more appropriately the antithesis of crimes), where they will almost have to die twice before hoping for release on a 136 year sentence. Is that not making a complete mockery of our 8th amendment right to be spared cruel and unusual punishment?

We also have a President that completely disregards the Constitution. We invade foreign countries which have never once breached on our national sovereignty, threatened to “wipe us off the map”, or impeded on our way of life. To top it all off, we probably have the most intrusive and overwhelming surveillance state in the entire world. This is it, WE ARE in 1984. This is the end-game scenario.

  • ToM

    It’s always been an illusion, everybody is just finding out we live in a world run by sociopaths and criminal banksters. This isn’t new or current, the control of the masses has been going on since sociopaths learned people feared death.