Beware: Are You Living Someone Else’s Life?

I need you to investigate your thoughts. I need you to make sure that the thoughts inside your mind are actually yours. We are raised in society where we are constantly getting programmed, consciously and subconsciously, through television, through media, through advertising, through hollywood, from our parents, our teachers, our friends, and from our education system. All of that is programming, programmed into us.

You should be a good boy, you should get married at a certain age, you should work a job, you should have a house and a car. Whatever right? These are unconscious beliefs that we’ve accepted as our own. But if you really investigate it, you’ll see that a lot of the thoughts that are in your mind, didn’t really originate in your mind. They were ideas from society and from other people. So it’s really important for you to differenciate between, what are my thoughts, and what are the thoughts that I have absorbed from my environment.

Because when it comes to choosing your future and consciously creating the future that’s best for you, if your mind is polluted and confused between your own thoughts and desires, and the expectations of the world, or the programming from society, well then you won’t choose the right journey for yourself. If you don’t choose the right journey for yourself, your going to waste your life.

So the biggest lesson right now is start being a light unto yourself. Shut out the world for awhile and look within. Stop looking without seeing what everyone else is doing, seeing what’s OK and what’s not OK, start looking within. What do I want? What’s true for me? What’s my ideal lifestyle and what’s my dream? It doesn’t matter what everyone else has told you your whole life.

It doesn’t matter what your parents expect of you, or society, or your family, or the cops. What do you want? That’s the only thing that’s important. That’s the only thing that’s going to make you happy. You can only be a productive human being if your happy. So your highest purpose, your highest order, your highest priority is to find your purpose. To find your path, get on that path now and be joyful and live joyfully throughout everyday of your life. Otherwise what is life for? To work today so I can save tomorrow so that I can retire when I’m older?

That’s not how it works man. How can I be happy today, and tomorrow, and next week. I’m not saying don’t have long-term plans or any of that stuff, but I’m saying design your life so you enjoy the journey, not wait for the destination. The destination doesn’t mean shit if you didn’t enjoy the journey. Because if you don’t enjoy the journey, you get to the destination beaten, battered, tired, miserable, and an empty shell inside. So you’d better make god damn sure that your journey is a blissful experience.

You should walk through your journey with the same joy and enthusiasm that a little child gets up to on Christmas morning and runs down for the Christmas tree. Alright? Or a little puppy playing on the beach. That’s the enthusiasm and the passion you need to have in your life. If you don’t have that, it’s time to check yourself. It’s time to check your life, and it’s time to check in to see, are you living your life, or are you living a life that was designed by someone else. Be a light unto yourself, look within and you will find the answer.

This video and dialogue is original content from Jad T. Jones, visit his Youtube channel for more inspirational videos.

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