The United States Government Does Not Want Americans To Travel Abroad

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Source: Ingenious Press

No other government on the face of this Earth wants to make it’s citizens more ill-at-ease, deathly afraid, or made to feel so guilty for stepping outside of it’s national boundaries as the United States of America. Rather than encouraging Americans to embrace overseas travel as one of the most educational, enjoyable, and emotionally and spiritually satisfying endeavors that people can undertake in the course of our painfully short lives, U.S. government departments and institutions are notorious for wanting to make even just the IDEA of pursuing international travel as unpleasant and unsettling as they can possibly muster.

You must look no further than the U.S. State Department’s “Global Travel Alert” issued this past Friday (August 2nd 2013) to grasp the sheer ridiculousness and paranoia of the U.S. governments stance on it’s citizens travelling abroad. The alert, which is based upon the “most specific, credible threat information in years” (but of course lacking any actual date or timing), warned of the potential for terrorist attacks, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, to be carried out by operatives of Al Qaeda and their associates.

It came less than a day after the department announced that it was closing U.S. diplomatic missions in the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere through the weekend because of a (of course) ‘unspecified’ terrorism threat. The global travel alert is effective through the end of August.

So going by the State Department’s advice and logic on this “global” travel alert, we’re all supposed to reconsider our travel plans to ANYWHERE outside the United States? Or at least for the remainder of August? Even if I just want to camp out at Uluru in the middle of Australia, the Islamic bad guys are going to be out for my blood? Yep, the whole concept of a United States issued “global travel alert” is just….that….LAME.

Let’s just flip the coin here for a moment. Have you noticed there is no such thing as a “domestic travel alert” issued by the United States Department of State? I mean if you really think about it there SHOULD be. The United States literally has all of the most dangerous cities in the world under the umbrella of the term “First World”. Comparing U.S. cities like Camden, New Orleans, Detroit, Memphis, or South Side Chicago with the likes of European cities such as Vienna, Zurich, Helsinki, Munich, or Copenhagen is somewhat akin to contrasting Hell with Heaven, at least certainly from a safety standpoint.

Yet the host countries of those cities don’t issue “global travel alerts” specifically pointing out the United States as an area of greater safety concern (which it plainly is). They realize that the world is not perfect, and some safety risks which can theoretically happen anywhere are not going to be allowed to ruin their holiday plans.

You wanna talk about forces at work which are trying to ruin your holiday plans? Just take a look at the U.S. State Department’s website, particularly if you direct yourself to the “threats to safety and security” section under ‘country specific information’. A lot of the stuff you will read in this area of the website is absolutely horrifying. Seriously, just what sort of coffin-sized box do they want Americans to live in? Here are some direct quotations from a number of countries we would otherwise consider among the safest places in the world to visit.

sydney harbor

AUSTRALIAAustralia has an alert system for possible terrorist attacks. The threat levels range from “low” to “high.” The Australian Attorney General’s Office web site has up-to-date information regarding the current terrorism threat level. Depending on the alert, you should maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to increase your security awareness. (Threats To Safety And Security)

abel tasman national park

NEW ZEALANDViolent crime against tourists is rare; however, if you are traveling alone, you should be especially vigilant and avoid isolated areas. (Crime)

trolls tongue norway

NORWAYLike other countries in the Schengen area, Norway’s open borders with its Western European neighbors also allow the possibility of terrorists entering/exiting the country with anonymity. Be vigilant with regard to your personal security. (Threats To Safety And Security)

Helsinki Finland

FINLANDFinland remains largely free of terrorist incidents. However, like other countries in the Schengen area, Finland’s open borders with its Western European neighbors allow the possibility of terrorist groups anonymously entering and exiting the country. (Threats to Safety And Security)

Notice how the State Department clearly is not a fan of Europe’s open borders policy? They would much prefer to have the personal freedoms and civil liberties of Europeans be squandered, and have a T.S.A. equivalent for Europe rule over the continent with an iron fist in order to catch those pesky “terrorists” who must be freely crossing the border between Germany and Denmark on a daily basis.

As for countries like Cuba, it is interesting to point out how the U.S. State Departments description of the country is frighteningly comparable to the modern day United States, though they want to pretend to remain oblivious to this fact. Also, in a bizarre twist to readers expectations (especially if the department is actually telling solo travelers in New Zealand to ‘avoid isolated areas’ which is exactly what most travelers to the country hope to spend a lot of time doing) they actually give a rare display of praise for North Korea.

North Korea

NORTH KOREANorth Korea does not release crime statistics. Violent crime is rare, and street crime against foreigners is uncommon in Pyongyang. (In truth, crime against travelers to North Korea is almost non-existent).

Beyond the endless scaremongering, there is another major reason why the U.S. government doesn’t want you to travel abroad. In the 21st century, they desperately want to avoid having you see for yourself just HOW FAR BEHIND our country has fallen. Our government has an incredibly fragile ego, and desperately wants to continue to tout that the United States is the “greatest country on Earth”, which many of us are now aware is a totally false exclamation.

It is an embarrassment for the U.S. government when Americans visit South Korea, Germany, France, Italy, and even Turkey and witness first-hand just how wonderful, efficient, and fast the domestic intercity train systems run. It is an embarrassment for Americans to witness how the streets are kept cleaner and the highways better maintained in countries across Europe, and even in parts of Mexico. It is an embarrassment when they visit Australia, and drop their jaws at the revelation many of the locals are working jobs earning the annual equivalent of anywhere between $70,000 – $120,000 U.S. dollars, which do not require any university education (and therefore no crippling student loan debt-slavery).

It is an embarrassment when Americans talk with university students in Scandinavia and realize it is not costing them a penny. It is an embarrassment when they walk the streets of Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro and safely come to the conclusion that the locals are more health conscious, better dressed, self-confident, and consistently attractive than pretty much anywhere at home. It is an embarrassment coming to the realization that Santiago, the capital of Chile and among the most populous cities in “dangerous” Latin America, is actually a safer city than any U.S. metropolitan area of comparable size.

Basically, the U.S. government does not want you to become aware about a lot of really, really, good things that are available to people in other parts of the world that are severely lacking at home. They do not want you coming back to the United States and raving to your friends about how wonderful your destination was, having ideas of moving abroad to a country with better employment opportunities and/or financial rewards (Australia, Germany, Norway, etc.), or planning on early retirement to a country with wonderful year-round weather and a low cost-of-living in Latin America or Southeast Asia.

They don’t want you to figure out that it is possible to have a rich and full life without automobile dependency, which is a reality in many other countries. They don’t want you to visit a country that actually learns how to get along with the planet and requires only a token military budget, and where discretionary government funds can be spent on much more constructive or life-affirming pursuits.

NO. They want you to STAY in the United States and forever remain a dutiful U.S. taxpayer, slave to big oil and student loans, and to sit down and shut up as drones and bombs obliterate yet another country that has never harmed the United States in any way (it was Yemen this week right?). Traveling abroad, spending your money elsewhere, having a wonderful time, and then perhaps ultimately wanting to move yourself and your assets away, will make them very, very, grumpy indeed.

After all, it is easy for a population to be brainwashed into thinking that their country is the “best in the world” when they have absolutely no frame of reference to any of the other 200+ sovereign states which exist in the world today. It’s easy to get a large segment of the population to actually believe countries like Iran are hostile when Hollywood propaganda films like “Argo” portray every local as a bloodthirsty zealot out to claim an American scalp. Unfortunately for them, the reality is that Iranians are without doubt some of the friendliest and most hospitable people on this Earth, and embrace American travelers with cheerful gusto and sincere smiles.

Of course, you can simply ignore the government propaganda campaigns and societal warnings all you want. There is nothing stopping a U.S. citizen from taking off overseas, provided you have a valid passport, sufficient funds, and a thirst for adventure. What cannot be stopped is the end game, the dreaded T.S.A. “Chat Down” when you return to the U.S.A. But I’ll leave that for another article.

So in the meantime, whatever you do, even though the risk of a supposed ‘terrorist’ attack is the most elevated in the Middle East and North Africa, pay heed to the State Department’s “global travel alert” and cancel that trip you had planned to Norway or New Zealand later next week. Those countries are far too dangerous right now (maybe forever) and you’re going to be KILLED! Stay right here at home in the United States and spend your tourist dollars in New Orleans, Memphis, Camden, and the south side of Chicago instead. You’ll be 100% totally safe and secure!

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  • Paul Stodleigh

    They also don’t want US peasants spending money outside the country.

  • flek

    They also don’t want you to see how totally socialist the US is compared to those mentioned countries. In fact, the US is more like an EU socialist crap heap than the constitutionally controlled republic it once was. They don’t want you to realize your ‘bill of rights’ are nearly gone.


    • Patriot-Sailor

      It’s not so much that they don’t want to see how “socialist” we’ve become, but how much like a 3rd world country we are becoming.
      Netherlands, Finland, France, Germany, (etc) have higher living standards than we do. No one goes broke because of health care costs. People in Europe get 4 weeks of *mandatory* vacation. If they get laid off they get months of severence pay.
      If more American see how well the people in Europe live, they would stop voting for a certain party (the one whose middle name is “old”).

      • nygrump

        Both parties are utterly bankrupt. Its a real problem when our mass media is run by antiamericans like Murdoch and other transnationalists. You know Murdoch was given his citizenship in a private ceremony by a Federal Judge in a private apartment. A traitorous judge in my mind.

      • Birdog

        FYI, vacation, healthcare costs, severence pay, etc. also comes with a 54% income tax (Germany). Many people in Europe are incredibly broke and live in very small homes. I’m not a fan.

        Although, the US is the only country that expects income taxes from citizens who work overseas. AKA the “TAX NET”

  • the whole truth

    Left unsaid is the fact that America denies passports to more people within its borders than the rest of the world combined, a full 30 percent of adult Americans cannot travel abroad due to passport denial for one reason or another. Since that same 30 percent usually has a companion who will not travel alone, the total number of people who are not likely to travel outside the U.S. is a whopping 50 percent of the total population when children are included.

    This is only getting worse, the iron curtain has indeed fallen on America.

    • babette

      9/11 and the use of planes slicing through steel&concrete buildings was the first brick in the wall. Uh, the Iron Curtain actually.

      There were NO planes on 9/11. The “plane” story served the purpose of turning airports into prisons and flying anywhere into a ‘bad and dangerous and humiliating’ experience so Amerikans would, eventually, be FORCED TO STAY HOME.

      Now, if only this could apply to their military as well, what a sigh of relief the world would breathe!

      Read: Dr. Judy Wood’s “WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO?” It’s a real eye-opener!

    • Chad Helm

      O.K., that is just totally untrue, and you should not be blogging things like that and helping to scare everyone.

      • Pauly

        He is half correct, no planes ant The Pentagon and PA, but unmanned planes hit the Twin Towers.

    • Johanna

      @the whole truth,
      Americans not allowed to get passports?Never heard of this. Provide documentation, please.

      • Reginald Martin

        I am not allowed to have a passport for the crime owing arrears on child support even though I could get a well paying job in Canada working in the gasfields which I am willing to do at age 64 so tell me am I a deadbeat.

  • Mary

    This is a wonderful article! So many truths in here that it hurts. My family and I decided to leave the rat race of the US 7 years ago to travel the world with our children. It has been the most eye opening, educational, awe inspiring journey of our lives! I would never change a bit of it and I strongly suggest that people get those passports and get out of the US, even if just for a short period of time. Looking from the outside in is the only real way to value other people in the world (hence caring about the fact that we bomb them), understand other politics (and that ours is not the only or best way), and have a general understanding of what our country really has become!

    • Ian

      Not only has the US fallen far behind economically and quality of life satisfaction for its citizens, it cannot even claim to be a democracy. Corporations and special interests control Congress and hence the country’s domestic and foreign policies; taxpayers just get to fund their agendas. Add to that the fraying social fabric, stupidly narrow self interest, systemically inculcated ignorance on a variety of fronts (including “terrorist alerts”), the present and future look better elsewhere.

  • frank

    We have lived in the mountains of Mexico since 1992…it is great!

    • Ian

      Since 1992! Man, you had foresight. Viva Mexico!

  • Alice

    I’m an expat for the third time now. This time China, which even now is far more open
    and free than the u.s. In fact, I can say every country I have visited in Asia and Europe has more to offer in a day than the u.s. will in a decade. The u.s. hates the fact we are leaving, they are bringing upon their own citizens the same travel restrictions experienced by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, and the powers that be in the u.s. will have to deal with the rage of 350 million or more Americans soon. Are they ready for this? Doubtful. Even their plan to attack Syria will get them squashed like a mosquito on the long arm of international unity. Let them rot. If you are a citizen of the u.s., get out now while you still can. Nearly any destination you choose will have a better quality of life than the tyrannical cesspool known as america.

  • Janet

    This article is so true. I’ve traveled abroad and witnessed the fact that the U.S. is actually opposite of the rest of the world.
    Everyone should be able to travel to experience it for themselves.

  • Irish John

    My girlfriend is a US citizen. She arrived in Ireland and soon after developed a uterine infction. She was in a bad way so I brought her to the local city A&E. She spent 24 hours in hospital. During that time, she had all the tests including an MRI. She’s a nurse so after I paid the bill, she expected something like a $3500 bill ‘cos she was technically a non-EU tourist and had no insurance. She could NOT believe it: $67!

    • Birdog

      I had a filling fixed in Abu Dhabi and another tooth filled in Germany. The bill for each was around $75. I’ve paid over $300 in the US for fillings.

  • jc

    Spoke to a few friends that have traveled outside the USA and they say the outside worlds economies are going full throttle (no matter where you go) ! When you get home here you see how pathetic and deliberate the slow down here is.

  • SN

    Uncle Sam has also made even having a US Passport a liability. Should you
    have the temerity to go abroad and actually decide to make a living you
    will be taxed TWICE. You really must get rid of the “privilege” of US
    citizenship (and you will be taxed for renouncing that and be forced
    to disclose assets) to be able to have a life elsewhere.

  • Charles

    They probably didn’t want me to see this once police state Pacific nation thriving with all our jobs, having zero (O) chemtrails in the sky, and getting two pair of glasses lenses for $50. Aside the fact that I see the actual less controlled news, and find how much Americans are despised, if not treated suspiciously.

  • Sandy

    I have children in High School and Middle School and the stuff they’re being taught is complete rubbish. I took them to Europe and the Caribbean when they were younger so when they’ve seen first-hand things their teachers have only read about. American children will never be able to complete globally and that’s just the way this government wants it. America is going to end up with a generation of non-thinking, order-taking followers.

  • Chichi

    Completely agree with this article! I honestly feel safer abroad when visiting “third world” nations than I do in some parts here in the US. Also, you forgot Bedford Stuyvesant, Brownsville, South Jamaica, East Harlem, Soundview….(all right here in NYC). Ugh…. the US isn’t as safe as people claim it is.