24 Countries That Actually Require People to Take Vacation

Did you know some countries require you to take a vacation?

Some countries actually require companies to give employees vacation leave. This infographic, created by the employee leave and FMLA (Family And Medical Leave Act) experts at Employment law HQ, highlights the vacation requirements of countries around the world. The results are a bit surprising and, depending on your views, concerning, especially if you live in the United States. It raises the question of whether some societies like the U.S. have become too work-obsessed, and taking vacation is unfortunately misconstrued in those societies as having “lack of commitment” to one’s job. All I know for sure is that I would love to be able to work in Austria!

  • Anon

    Another reminder that, contrary to the propaganda, the United States is NOT the greatest nation on Earth.

  • Vanmind

    As if coercion of any kind is legitimate.

  • Rabbitnexus

    I think the point is being lost here. I am Australian and I am self employed. Nobody forces me to take holidays. In fact I rarely do. However the law means if I employ someone, I have to give them those 28 days holidays, and pay them for it. They may choose not to take their holidays but they do get their holiday pay. Nobody would stop them from working their holidays but they should be then paid overtime obviously.

    The reason is then very obvious. It is a workers right. Unions are necessary to achieve and keep such rights, and that is another thing much misunderstood in the USA which also has no social services or health care according to many of those nations if not all in a similar graph I think you will find.

  • Raymond Dillon

    I didnt realize how very backward and undeveloped America really were untill i came to America to live and that was 35 years ago, i mean the minimum wage is still just a little over $7 per hour.
    Americans need to travel more. The US state department said that only 5% of Americans have a passport, there goes the myth of Americans as “world Travelers”.

  • Mike S

    The US is getting a lot worse too. Wages are being lowered, illegals are given more and more rights while taking more and more jobs, many new jobs are part time, and now Obamacare will gouge us for health care. We can’t fix our infrastructure and we cut sports and music classes, while bailing out corrupt drug money-washing bankers, and making the war profiteers and weapons manufacturers – and the politicians who take their bribes – increasingly wealthy and more powerful. The US is sinking into a quagmire. Land of the wage-slaves, home of the brainwashed. Watch our mainstream media “news”, it’s mostly lies. This is what happens when a culture goes into a tailspin.

    • Aj

      Yeah, Health care for everybody is really evil and backwards. Only the superrich should continue to be able to survive seriuos diseases, accidents, hospital stays, etc.
      —as a German, I’ve learned throughout my life that Americans are really stupid. When I was little, they were respected, but they have just grown more and more ignorant of what is going on in the (enormous) rest of the world.

  • Diane

    What about Spain and Italy? Not on here because they are always on vacation?

    • Naty

      Spanish woman speaking. In Spain is mandatory to have at least 22 days of vacation and in Italy it becomes 28.
      But yes, we are always on vacation, all Americans are fat, and in England all people drink tea at 5 pm.

      Please make yourelf a favour and travel a little bit out your hometown.