The Startling Truth about Wealth Inequality in America – Breaking Inequality

We lived in the greatest country in the world. A country that was created to give every person an equal voice. A country that believed in, and respected it’s citizens. But things are much different now, this once great country of ours has lost it’s way. It is controlled only by a few, whose greed is unparalleled. We are quickly becoming a country that consists only of the have’s and the have not’s. A country where the rights of it’s citizens are becoming a distant memory.

  • tom herzog

    Your quest is admirable but your premise is flawed. Yes, Nixon began our decline by taking us off the so-called “Gold Standard” but it is not gold per se that supports the dollar or that caused our economic decline.

    The essence of the issue is that Nixon took us of the Bretton Woods fixed currency exchange rate. This had been set up by John Maynard Keynes after WWII to keep major world currencies in sync. This prevented financial speculation and financiers (such as George Soros) from speculating against national currencies and plunging nations into economic turmoil.

    The problem, I’m sorry to say is much deeper and more complex than returning to a so-called “Gold Standard”.

    What we REALLY need is reregulation of the banks that gamble with trillions of dollars and then get bailed-out by the taxpayer. We need a new Glass-Steagall Law and we need to try and punish the Wall Street bankster-criminals to show that there is and will be accountability in this country.