Apple Is Creating New Technology To Help Cops Hide Police Brutality

The rapid emergence of smart phones with high definition cameras leads to consequences for law-breaking cops. Recently, law enforcement has throughout the country has been trying to pass laws that would make it illegal to film them while they’re on duty. But Apple is coming out with a new technology that would put all the power in a cop’s hands.

The new technology will allow police officials to disable your smartphone if they don’t want you to record something as it’s taking place. The policies would be activated by GPS, and WiFi or mobile base-stations which would ring-fence (“geofence”) around a building or “sensitive area” to prevent phone cameras from taking pictures or recording video.

  • Joe

    But the solution is so obvious and simple. Buy a cheap, secondhand Android smartphone (yes, last years’ ones are going cheap!) install Qik or similar live-cloud-upload video capture software (the cops can’t confiscate what isn’t even on the phone!) and use that if there’s any likelihood of encountering contempt of cop.

  • Samuel

    telephoto lenses. Wrap the phone in lead/tin foil?

  • Whatever

    Or, go back to good ol’ FILM cameras. You could probably get the cameras cheap and darkroom equipment on eBay. For home “wet” photography will probably be limited to black-and-white, but that is not a problem.

  • Ted

    U.S. Patent No. 8,254,902