Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Scientology

A dark and evil organisation, a rich peoples’ club, or just a strange fad? Here are ten things you (maybe) didn’t know about Scientology. In all likelihood you will probably be familiar with some of these facts (like it’s famous members which include Tom Cruise and John Travolta),while others may take you completely by surprise. I for one, was completely unaware that Wikipedia had to ban all I.P. addresses owned by the Church of Scientology due to years of them making false edits on religious topics. Watch and learn, but stay away from this predatory cult like the plague!

  • Norma

    And stay away from Wikipedia, too!

    They have basic info..because they have no choice, but otherwise, when they report on other subjects, et al, their data is changed to support zionism.

  • EmmS

    You forgot one thing..
    Scientology only accepts people with rhesus negative blood, mainly O neg, the ‘universal’ blood type. Tom & Nicole had no biological children as she is rh positive, and not acceptable into scientology nor would be the resulting children. Katie is a neg so that was more appropriate for Tom & his friends.