Ten Times We Came Close to Nuclear War

Its scary to think someone could annihilate countless cities with the mere push of a button, but it’s terrifying to think there were more than a handful of times that we actually came close to nuclear war. However, a positive outcome from these adverse scenarios shows the tremendous restraint, rationality, and humanity among those who had the power to retaliate in the moment of truth, but insisted upon abstaining from causing utter global devastation. Presumption after all, is the mother of all screw-ups.

  • Vlad the Skewerer

    How could the day Regan said “I’ve decided to outlaw the Soviet Union and the bombing begins in 5 min’s” not be mentioned? Ivan’s boomers went all hair trigger that day, thank God for good spies. They may get shot in war time but they keep you from going to war in peacetime.