Your Paying Interest on a Loan that Never Existed | TV New Zealand Expose

The Banking Fraud & Ponzi Scheme was exposed on New Zealand Television where a short exposē into where money is created has opened a small but ever so growing can of worms. Nice to see this slowly making it’s way into mainstream media. Money is created out of thin air. Banks have been scamming the people for many years and a few of us are fighting back.

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  • Judy Cross

    Search for: Bank of Canada Tutorial newmediaexplorer
    “While this refers to Canada it is a must read for all, as it also includes France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the UK and the US. In fact the sphere of influence extends to nearly all the world. Those countries, such as the ones on the gold standard and others that are not under the current world bank scam regimen are in great danger of having their monetary methods usurped. This through the typical installation of puppet governments that will conform to such control tactics. All in the name of democracy of course! ”
    Also search for “Ellen Brown Public Banking”.

  • DieselChadron

    Dear banker slime of the world: surrender while you still can. Admit to your crimes against humanity (enslavement by usury). Tell your paid off politicians to allow for competing currencies. Let your guiding light be righteousness instead of greed.

  • Zyzyxx

    Having this understanding doesn’t help anyone. HAving “faith” … well in the US the Quasi-gov. borrows from the Fed RESERVE + interest (WHY? ) based on the “FULL FAITH AND CREDIT” of the “citizens”. This is why the US “wages” (pays for) Wars. To create a “need” that the people will borrow (by Sending DEBT NOTES) to fund the mar on “Other” people.
    Yet , people don’t wage war against other people. Commercial Quasi- Governments create monetary rational, for private investment machines (Wall Street) through the selling of Bonds (Bondage of the citizens).

    Too, The banks depend on Usary through interest to suppress people to the point they have no time to overcome their misunderstandings because they are too busy working to pay the debt.

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  • Nigel O

    Karen wants her lousy $450,000 dollars that was created out of thin air, or there’s going to be 450,000 whacks! haha