Jesse Jackson Tweets That Killing Of Australian International Student, Chris Lane, Should Be ‘Frowned Upon’

Jesse Jackson Stupid Ugly Face

“The Reverend” Jesse Jackson on Aug. 14, 2013 (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Source: Washington Post

(Editor’s Note: This article has been slightly tailored to exemplify my repugnant disgust for the perpetual race hustlers and human viruses which are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. I know, deep down, they do not give a flying flip about this case and hold the lives of Caucasians with a mere fraction of the regard as Blacks. Also, they know there is no money to be made in hustling Black-on-White crime.)

“The Reverend” Jesse Jackson said in a tweet Wednesday that the killing of a white Australian baseball player, allegedly shot in the back by a black Oklahoma teenager who was ‘bored’ and had a twitter account brimming with tweets of his hatred for white people (“90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.”), is senseless violence and should be “frowned upon.”

Conservatives and others on social media immediately criticized the remark as tepid and insincere, especially in light of Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s strong reactions to the killing of Trayvon Martin, a young black man, by (media buzzword) ‘White Hispanic’ neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman. It was a case which the two race hustlers literally could not shut up about for an entire year.

The teens who stand accused of the crime include two who appear to be African American. Even before Jackson’s tweet, conservative media criticized civil rights leaders for not offering a similar response to Lane’s murder as Martin’s. One of the three teenagers involved said they were bored and decided to kill somebody, according to police. Critics of Jackson’s remark began tweeting with the hashtag #frownedupon, noting other far-less-severe things that are “frowned upon.”

A sampling of the response to Jackson’s tweet:

@RevJJackson Thanks for that tepid, milquetoast response. ‘Frowned upon’?? Why not be REALLY harsh and call the boys ‘naughty’ or ‘fresh’?

Just so there’s no confusion: @RevJJackson isn’t saying HE frowns upon Chris Lane’s murder. He’s just noting the breach in etiquette.

@RevJJackson Also frowned upon: race-baiting. In polite circles, at least.

I was 4 and got frowned upon digging in my mom’s flower beds when she told me not to. Who knew senseless violence gets the same response?

Not picking up your dog’s poop at a public park is Jesse Jackson