California School Ends Policy That Forced Children To Kneel In Front Of Principal “Like A King”


Source: The Libertarian Republic

Calimesa Elementary in Yucaipa, California is reeling from the negative backlash associated with a policy that had schoolchildren down on their knees, bowing like serfs to their principal Dana Carter.

Parents are outraged after the policy was revealed that would require students to kneel and bow their heads until the principal or another administrator lifted their arms and told them to go to class. This occurred frequently throughout the school day until a concerned citizen became aware of it and placed flyers on cars to spread the word.

CBS LA Reports one mother’s testimony of her daughters recollection:

“She says that she has to drop down on one knee with her hands at her side, wait for the principal to come out, lift his arms and tell them to go to class,” said the mom. “I feel that the principal wants to be like a king, and we don’t have kings in America,” she added.

The principal immediately revoked the policy and has scheduled a meeting with parents to discuss “different safety options”.