Pushback on Syria (Doug Bandow)

Overseas and within the United States, there is little appetite for war with Syria. Even the Obama Administration has muted its own drumbeat for war. Doug Bandow, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, discusses the pushback on war in Syria.

  • Stanley

    (1) Obama is a confessed heavy abuser/self-medicator of illegal drugs.
    He got by as a jiving con artist. REALITY has arrived.
    (2)Why does no one ever point out how pathetic and cowardly America looks with these constant “tizzies” over the HUGE threat from Syria, North Korea, underwear bombs. What a Land of Cowards. The “only superpower” crying and weeping that some little yapping dog might nip our ankle. Meanwhile the groveling congressional cowards REFUSE to seal the border through which pours the poison killing Our kids left and right.