‘American Military Spouses Choir’ Performs For TV Zombies

Military Spouse Choir

Source: Ingenious Press

Sappy corporate TV propaganda at it’s lowest common denominator. Earlier in August, the NBC program “America’s Got Talent” aired a segment involving U.S. military spouses getting together to sing in honor of their husbands “risking their lives for our country” while deployed for months at a time in faraway lands. They appear to be blissfully unaware that the foreign lands their spouses are assigned to duty (like the soon-to-be war with Syria) have never once directly attacked or threatened the United States, despite their assertion that what they are doing is an honorable service to this ‘great country’.

Before their performance, The women express their concerns about funerals, wills, and the possibility of raising young children without a father. While that is quite understandable, these women do not seem to grasp the paradox and relative selfishness of their statements. Countless families across Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria have lost fathers, sons, sisters, mothers, aunts, and uncles in recent years due to both direct and indirect consequences of the United States’ imperial transgressions in their countries affairs. They act as if only the well-being and lives of Americans matter and adopt the clueless “why do they hate us?” mentality we see far too often.

In one segment of the clip you can overhear the main judge, Howard (“Ron Paul Is A Nutjob“) Stern, say “you remind me of how lucky we are to live in this country”. Really Howard? We are supposed to be so incredibly lucky to live in a country which is perpetually at war, has lost all international credibility and respect, and has an economy on the verge of catastrophic collapse? Something is very surreal in the land of ‘America’s Got Talent’.

Moving on to the actual performance, it is like something out of church gospel, as the women are dressed in a gown and are adorned with a sash bearing the name of the military branch their husband is currently in service with. Queue the eye-rolling. Take a look at this picture of a preacher and be gobsmacked by the religious overtones of how the women are dressed.


Another piece of symbolism that struck me was how a close representation of the Star of David appears over two draped U.S. flags around the 2:05 minute mark of the video clip. Are they not even trying to hide the fact that religiosity continues to play a large part in the lives of U.S. service members, and that they are ultimately fighting for the state of Israel? According to an article from the Huffington Post, religion in the U.S. military is supposed to be ‘tradition’.

While we should acknowledge that these military spouses are more than likely genuinely good people, they are in fact providing the nation (and ultimately the world for that matter) a great disservice, and under absolutely no circumstance are the military men these women are singing to “heroes”. These military men and women have not yet woken up and accepted the United States military for what it truly is, an institution which is designed to aggressively assert the economic and political will of major corporations and the United States government through force of arms. Unfortunately, they remain brainwashed in believing that they are ultimately “protecting the country” and helping to “spread freedom and democracy” through their “heroic sacrifice”.

The definition of “hero” is: “a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” I would consider a person who volunteers (remember there is NO draft at this time) to partake in an organization that wreaks destruction and chaos upon innocent people, property, and the environment, in order to line the pockets of apathetic corporations, is not what I would consider ‘outstanding achievements’ or ‘noble qualities’, but rather the qualities of a state-sanctioned bully. The most heroic thing these men can do is to find some other trade or craft, stay at home with their wives and children, and do the best they can to live their lives in peace. The world will thank them for it.

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