“World War Z” Implies That Accepting Palestinians Will Destroy Israel

Source: Ingenious Press

In the recent summer blockbuster “World War Z” the zombie plague is spreading like wildfire, and Israel is one of only a few hot-spots on the planet which has effectively been able to defend itself from the onslaught. The country has built a gigantic wall in Jerusalem, therefore creating a barrier between the undead and the uninfected.

Many people saw this as a cinematic representation of Israel justifying their real-life wall of the West Bank, implying that it appears to be rather extreme to outsiders, but is keeping people safe from bad-egg Palestinians who seek to bring harm to Jerusalem. However, in this apocalyptic world, religious and cultural background are now non-issues and uninfected Muslims are to be unanimously accepted. There is only the difference between Monsters and Men.

Unfortunately, this experiment in total desegregation makes the cross-cultural harmony between the Israelis and Palestinians fall apart as quickly as dominoes. When buses full of Palestinian survivors arrive safely within the wall of Jerusalem, they celebrate their survival by joining together in song, emphasizing their jovial expression of “Salaam” (“Peace” in Arabic).

Some Jewish Israeli’s are shown to be celebrating as well, but a pivotal moment shows a young Palestinian woman taking a microphone and substantially amplifying the noise coming from her Arabic-speaking crowd. This action draws countless numbers of zombies who ultimately breach the wall and send the city into a tail-spin of destruction. The viewer is left with an impression that a mutual peace between the Israelis and Palestinians is untenable – no matter how much people are willing to move past their differences.

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