Female Cop Threatened To Smash Camera Into Photographer’s Face

Source: The Libertarian Republic

Carlos Miller of the Photography is Not a Crime blog has a story out of Massachusetts where an officer threatens a cameraman who is filming her in the line of duty. Officer Gretchen Allen harasses a local reporter, Robert Bastille for taking her picture while she inspected a bag in a public place.

According to Bastille, her exact words, which prompted him to turn on his video camera, were, “I swear… take one more photo and I’ll take that camera and smash it in your face.”

Videotapes of police encounters are incredibly valuable tools for judges and juries to be able to determine the true innocence or guilt of accused criminals. They also hold police accountable while on duty. People should always take care to video record police encounters so as to protect their safety and their constitutional rights.

  • It is I only

    Officer Gretchen Allen. Now everyone knows your face.
    Sleep well tonight & every night from now on!

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    We’ve come “along way baby” from saving a kitten stuck up a tree. Maybe she just had cramps that day.