Fukushima Farmers vs Japanese Government: “Our Farmland Has Been Seriously Contaminated!”

FARMERS: “We are just tilling deeply and spreading the radiation thinly. We are not removing the contamination. No wonder that the radiation level has not gone down! We “decontaminate” a rice field. We measured the radioactivity in the air, it has not gone down at all. We have not removed the contaminated soil. Of course not! The environment has not changed at all two years after the explosions.

In Fukushima, all farm produce must be checked for the cesium level prior to shipping. The current government limit is 100 Bq (becquerel). The farmers know how many Bq of cesium their produce contains. They can ship it if the reading is lower than 100. However, most of the farmers would not dare eat it themselves. The Japanese consumers then assume there is no radiation in the food they buy. The farmers are then made to feel guilty about growing it and selling it, as it is their only livelihood.