Ten Countries With The Largest Oil Reserves

There are over 200 sovereign states in the world today, so why does a special circle of ten or fifteen countries repeatedly come up in the U.S. corporate, political, and military establishments definition of their overseas “interests”? It largely all boils down to one word, OIL.

With the sole exception of Canada, all of the top ten countries with the largest oil reserves differ vastly from the United States in terms of culture, leadership, and ideology. These are differences which the United States government, for the most part, does not appreciate in the slightest, and are constantly scheming for new ways to install or maintain Pro-U.S. puppet governments in the corresponding countries.

One comment on Youtube suggested that a more fitting title would be “Top 10 Countries for USA to invade” which in many ways is hardly a wild suggestion. Some of the countries such as Libya, Kuwait, and Iraq have already been centerpieces of U.S. military adventurism within the past generation. Others such as Venezuela and Iran have been focal points of obsession within the U.S. political establishment for something called “Regime Change” for many years.

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  • Bob the Aussie

    Very few people know what is believed to be the world’s largest oil discovery have been found in South Australia by a company called Linc Energy. The American oil giants and English (Barcley’s Bank) have already got their claw’s into it. The find is estimated to be as much as $20 trillion worth of oil.

    • Steve the Aussie

      Yes but what you obviously don’t know is that this large quantity of oil relies on fraccing technology. Environment aside, this technology is only capable of recovering 2% of oil found underground (“unconventional oil” unlike about 20% for “conventional oil”). What Americans (where fraccing is currently a big deal capable of “saving the country from imported oil”) are hiding for now is the fact that 18 months after start, production declines by 80%. Sooner or later this will become public knowledge and a question will be asked “What now?” “Why did big oil companies keep this for themselves?” How will the market/investors react? Will Linc be able to raise funds (into billions) to start this project when it becomes known that productions declines by 80% after only 18 months?

  • Arnold Gregory

    What about the 220,000,000,000 barrels in Australia?

  • David Stanley

    Canada has more oil than SA but its much harder and costlier to extract Thats why the price of oil is so high today .
    to accommodate Canadian oil extraction
    Canada has thousands of oil wells capped and waiting .