Ten Disturbing Conspiracy Theories About 9/11

10. Insider Trading  09. Explosives  08. Flight 93  07. The Pentagon  06. Remote Planes  05. Israel Responsible 04. Preoccupied Security  03. Missing Money  02. Bin Laden and Bush  01. WTC 7 Collapse

  • ThomasT

    Actually many more. Some.

    An Arab in a cave in Afghan shuts down the 1/2 trillion$ US air defenses with his laptop.

    His 22 L-pilots board planes with no boarding passes, tickets or being on any pass. list, CNN. They get allocated seats, get counted and take-off. They enter cockpits through locked doors, overpower burly ex-military pilots with box cutters, fly to remote parts of US where there is no radar coverage to switch off the transpomders. Carry out perfect high speed descents their first time in 130 ton jets, to arrive at the right height and location without the necessary continuous radar talkdown.

    The best one. Where is the rubble that by physics must make up 20% of the collapsed builings original height, here 400 Feet? And the central steel columns, as the towers’ floors allegedly pancaked, 1400 feet HIGH! Those millions of tons of twisted heavy steel, concrete, lifts, office furniture, sanitaryware, computers, printers and HUMANS simply blew away as fine dust. The REAL rubble would gave taken 2 years to clear not overnight.

    Try.. Where Did The Towers Go? by Dr Judy Wood, uRTube and book, if you are not A F R A T D!

  • James

    I find the “conspiracy theories” more believable than the “Media theories”.

  • SN

    ” Conspiracy Theories”…no, a search for the truth is the
    absence of official honesty and integrity. If you cannot
    grasp the reality ThomasT has pointed out then maybe you
    need to learn to question your government…as a real
    citizen must.

  • Judy Cross

    I wish Conspiracy Theories had quotation marks around it, since the phrase was invented by the CIA after JFK’s assassination.

  • The Media Guy

    You have to understand that the MEDIA was told what to report, not the media reported news, or did any actual investigating. If you are not 100% convinced that the story we were told was a fabrication, just watch the footage of WTC 7 free falling into it’s own foot print. This is physically impossible. There is no other explanation, and this is not conspiracy THEORY, it is conspiracy FACT. If you still don’t get it, then by all means please go back to Dancing With The Stars. That should be about the level of intellectual challenge that you are qualified for…. Nothing to see here!

    The Media Guy

  • pl

    yeah, but the FBI found Mohammed Atta’s paper passport amidst all that radioactive molten steel, which proves …..

    • Eileen K.

      Yeah, but that passport was planted on top on top of that rubble after it had cooled down. In reality, the passport would’ve been nothing more than ashes, otherwise.

  • Ben Van Meter

    If you aren’t a “Conspiracy Theorist” you haven’t read enough history to realize that conspiracies are the essence of all governments from the git go.

  • Sean Edwards

    Them Arab’s attacked us because they don’t like our way of life and that’s why we have to win this war on terror. If we lose this war that President George W Bush and President Obama have fought so gallantly, you can forget about freedom of speech, the right to assemble, the right to privacy, IE., warrant less searches, free and fair elections etc…Oh shit! Maybe we have to win this war on terror because we don’t like the way them Rag-heads look. Ever since 9/11 God hates Muslims and you can take that to the Central Bank.

    • j.russellkennedy

      Are you being sarcastic or are you just ignorant? We already HAVE no freedom of speech (people are being raided and arrested and detained and even “disappeared” simply from facebook posts…journalists are being murdered, and we have “free speech zones”), warrantless searches (legalized by the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and the NDAA 2012, rigged elections (to much evidence to list here), no right to assemble (if you can get a permit you still have to stay in the “free speech zones), no right to privacy (the NSA/Snowden leak scandal should prove that to you), and another right gets taken from us on an almost daily basis. “Them ragheads” didn’t attack us because they don’t like our way of life and they didn’t attack us because they hate our freedom or any of those idiotic reasons either. The World Trade Center and the Pentagon was attacked in order to BLAME Al Queida in order for the US Government to implement the plan outlined in the paper called “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” written by the PNAC, whos members included many high level US Government officials. In this document, they even stated that in order to implement their plan that a “new Pearl Harbour” type event would need to occur. Do some research. Ask questions. Reality is NOT what the TV is making you think it is at all.

      • Ahhhh…Duh…

        It’s called sarcasm

  • shadow_shaman

    I GAVE up being a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and graduated to a “Reality enthusiest”

  • Ben

    The establishment is always, and has always, been involved in a conspiracy with everyone else.