The True Cost Of 9/11 And The War On Terror

Video Source: Truth Loader

On the 12th anniversary of 9/11, we take a look at the true cost of the War on Terror, looking at the monetary and human cost of military actions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, as well as the long-term economic cost and impact still being felt by Americans today.

9/11 = $20 billion in immediate damages + $100 billion in the long-run + 2,996 lives lost

Afghanistan = $657 billion + 3,372 coalition lives lost + 20,000 civilian lives lost

Iraq = $814 billion + 4,804 coalition lives lost + 130,000 civilian lives lost

Drone Strikes = 4,000 civilians

Market Impact = Negative $1.9 trillion

“Homeland Security” = $1 trillion

TOTAL COSTS: At minimum 165,172 Lives and $4.5 Trillion Dollars

  • Hmmm

    Those civilian lives lost? The author uses the low-ball numbers probably put out by the US government. The real war casualty studies by Johns Hopkins University, with proper statistical sampling, put the real number in the millions.

  • Mrwmnhtr

    Who benefited from 9/11? Who had means, motive, and opportunity? Who stole the gold? Who was betting on stocks falling over and above the normal? Who made the phone calls and warned others? Certainly not the people who were accused of it. Why are half of them still alive? Why wasn’t 9/11 added to the list of crimes on bin Laden’s FBI wanted poster? With $2.3 trillion in stolen money you can get a lot of stuff done.

  • mothman777

    Oooh, you let that one through ! I will try a little more …

    Even old official United Nations figures for deaths in Iraq, just including the 500,000 kids dead from ‘sanctions’ UNDER 5 years old, total 4.4 million, no mention of kids over that age, and that does not include the scores of thousands every year or more in Iraq from cancer and other conditions like diabetes due to the allegedly depleted uranium that the US and coalition forces sadistically and genocidally salted the earth there with for all time, like for the next 4.5 billion years, and those figures also do not include the children who will never be born, or born dead or non-viable.

  • mothman777

    In Falluja in Iraq,, only one third the number of pregnancies occur today compared with before the genocidal attacks as in “leave nothing alive that breathes”, and 24% are born dead, 75% are born defective, disabled, deformed, and only one percent of all births in Falluja now is normal, at least at first sight, as who knows what they will turn out like in a few years time, with their genomes altered in strange and undetectable ways, with different brain functions etc.

  • mothman777

    Researcher Ty Bollinger reported that before the invasion to ‘liberate’ Iraq, in Iran next door, there were only 50,000 deaths per year from cancer, but since the ‘depleted’ uranium started blowing over the border from Iraq into Iran, due to the prevailing weather system, that total shot up to 450,000 deaths year from cancer in Iran. Sneaky methods of undeclared warfare or what?, there are a few Hiroshimas there every year for sure. Gutle Schnapper will indeed be very happy for the success of her present-day Rothschild boy descendants.