The White House Thinks “America Is Exceptional”

The press staff of the White House are completely arrogant and delusional. They are unwilling to ever admit that the United States government is capable of fault or that Russian president Vladimir Putin has suddenly become the shining star of international law and order.

Instead, they have to resort to ‘name and shame’ tactics against Russia and make dubious claims about how the United States “stands up for democratic values and human rights” and that Russia is “isolated and alone” in blaming the opposition for the chemical weapons attack.

Apparently this man has never heard of a place called “Guantanamo Bay” regarding the human rights standing of the United States, or that Russia has a MAJOR ally in the form of China, who is also highly skeptical about the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

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  • Asian

    America is exceptional because of:-
    1) petro dollars unlimited amount exported by the US
    2) Living on the expense of the rest of the world
    3) Most exotic financial papers
    4) 17T debt + unfunded liabilities – 200T still going up
    5) Most offensive army in the world
    6) Most false flag operations – Vietnam war / Iraq war / Syria tension
    7) Greatest enemy of humanity
    8) Most corrupted Wall Street Bankers and Politicians
    I think i want to be not exceptional…