Ten Countries That Don’t Officially Exist

It’d be nice to have your own country, but only if other people recognize you. Find out more in this video of ten countries that don’t officially exist, which range from two countries having majority U.N. recognition to others which have absolutely none.

It is very interesting to point out that the first given example is the State of Palestine, which has now been officially recognized as a non-member observer state of the U.N., despite the opposition of (drum roll, you guessed it) the United States and Israel. The country is recognized by 132 of the 193 member states of the United Nations, with an overall percentage of 68.4%. Putting that figure into perspective, it is slightly higher than the two-thirds majority vote required for the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate to override Presidential legislation.

When you look at a world map highlighting the recognition for the State of Palestine, things get even more interesting. Palestine receives almost universal support from the developing world, including all of the fast-growing B.R.I.C. economies, while the four geographic nodes which constitute the “First World” (Anglophone North America, Western Europe, Australasia, Northeast Asia) deny acceptance for the Palestinian state.


(Global recognition of the State of Palestine)

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  • Tony

    The editor of this article may want to do some research regarding the legal official status of New Zealand Australia and Canada. I remeber hearing that thes “countries” were hastily given independent status from the Commonwealth to boost numbers when the League of Nations? was formed. In actuality they are still not officially countries which means none of their laws can be officially enforced. Essentially they are ‘non-entity’ states.

    • Paddy

      The situation with Canada and Australia is explained in a lot of detail at a website called basic-fraud.
      CANADA is shown on the SEC as a corporation with its head office in Washington DC.
      Commonwealth citizens are British subjects. Check out British Nationality Act 1948 and amendments.
      I think that Canada is just a very large employment agency used by UK to get people to extract resources.
      The people who live in Canada have no idea what is going on and as long as they get their beer and hockey they don’t care. Ignorance is bliss.
      The attorney general of each province of Canada is “entrusted” with power that “belongs” to the attorney general of England.

    • Dave23

      “In actuality they are still not officially countries…”

      Really??? In whose mind? Name anyne person that does not think that Australia, NZ and Canada are not officially countries. And what does ‘offically’ even mean? Which mentally deficient people need it explained to them that, semantics aside, these are REAL countries

  • Andrew

    Wrong flag for Taiwan – I should know, I used to live there!

  • Terry

    They left out Nagorno-Karabakh and Abkhazia.

  • fred

    Replace the term “western” countries with “zionist” countries and you understand the fate of Palestine which has existed for 11,000 years in the space now occupied by the non-existent country called Israel. Israel cannot claim to be a country because by definition a country must have stated borders and of course Israel’s borders are never stated because they consider earth to be theirs. If the “western” countries described themselves correctly the masses would then see them for what they really are.

  • Dave23

    “…understand the fate of Palestine which has existed for 11,000 years …”

    Parts of the so-called non-country Australia – have existed more or less in their present form for 3 billion years. Palestine is a region – and was NEVER a country.

  • Red

    Looks like the video mixed up the Abkhazia and Taiwan flags. And they missed Nagorno-Karabakh.

    • Red

      No wait. Karabakh is there. My bad.