Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution – Syria

Source: Journeyman Pictures

A little girl is singing straight to the camera during a street gathering when a mortar strikes just a few metres behind her, throwing the innocent scene into bloody chaos. This is not a dramatically staged fiction film, but the reality of daily life in Syria. “Somebody has to know what this monster is doing to us, to his own people. I’m making sure that somebody is going to know,” says Nour. Aged 24, she has abandoned her teaching job to become a war photographer. “I’m not afraid of death”, she says.

“So many girls have died in their kitchen.” The memory of her friends who have died or been tortured and raped during the conflict strengthens Nour’s determination to continue the fight. She firmly believes, “we’re going to build this whole country again from scratch”. Walking through the destroyed and abandoned streets of Aleppo, charismatic FSA leader Mowya manages to retain a dark humour. “Maybe if you film some cats and put it on YouTube a million people will watch the video. Maybe the Americans will help the cats. They don’t care about people.”

Matthew van Dyke