Grand Theft Awesome! Violence Has Gone DOWN Since Video Games Began


Look, mainstream media, I get it – I really do. Thinking is hard. It’s so much easier to pick up a narrative laid out by others, find analysts who will validate it and simply repeat the talking points ad nauseam in hopes that it becomes the accepted “truth”. And, this approach generally works. Time after time we see completely broken “facts” repeated by supposedly credible news sources until it ascends into the realm of common knowledge.

But every now and then there’s a narrative being sold that is so brazenly contradictory of the facts, so downright offensive to the logic center in the minds of rational people, that our brains simply reject it.

That brings me to the topic at hand, that distinctly American event when the latest Grand Theft Auto game is released to anxious gamers everywhere and the inevitable mass media breathless bloviating about how violent games are ultimately to blame for anything that seems to be going on at the time – murder, rape, high gas prices, the sudden realization that Miley Cyrus is an unsophisticated hillbilly who, shockingly, doesn’t conform to a polite society . . . you get the idea.

So here we are with a perfect storm of media stupidity where a horrible and tragic mass killing at a military installation in DC occurs within 24 hours of the launch of Rockstar Game’s latest, Grand Theft Auto V.

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