The Simpsons – Nuclear Energy (Our Misunderstood Friend)

This is a clip from one of the earliest full-length episodes of The Simpsons, titled “Homer’s Odyssey” which first aired in January of 1990. On a field trip to the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Bart’s class are made to watch an educational video on how nuclear energy is generated, which actually satirizes the perceived benefits of nuclear power due to the almost endless half-lives of many variants of nuclear waste.

The waste must then be permanently stored in close proximity to the power plant, where it is vulnerable to breach from natural disasters or other serious accidents. The ending of the clip even demonstrates the potential adverse effects when radioactive water is released into the natural environment, as briefly seen with the three-eyed fish. Ironically, more than twenty years after this episode first aired, the large plume of radioactive water heading eastward from the Fukushima nuclear disaster will directly affect the coast of Oregon in the near future.

Oregon is the home state of The Simpsons creater Matt Groening, and the fictional town of ‘Springfield’ within the show was primarily inspired from the real-life Oregon towns of Springfield and Eugene.

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  • Jack

    Nuclear energy is deliberately being maligned by the PTB. It’s all part of the Green Agenda. The Power plants are indeed aging, unsafe and offer outdated technology, but, that’s how they want it. It is being allowed to occur in order to sway public opinion away from the benefits of nuclear energy.

    Don’t be so quick to miss the obvious here. New, advanced technology and safe, proper facilities would cause no problems and provide energy for everyone – much to the detriment of those running the show.

    • John

      ummmm haven’t we heard that somewhere before.

    • Justin Case

      Your nuts. What kind of id10t would want nuclear power plants anywhere around their state. Does any of this ring a bell, Japan, Russia, terrorist attacks, spent nuclear storage? Nuclear energy makes about as much sense as the stupid nature nazi green energy.