Police Officer Shatters Car Window And Arrests Woman For Refusing To “Roll Window Down All The Way”

Another hotheaded Police Officer who makes things far more difficult and over-the-top than what is necessary to just simply get the job done. A halfway rolled down window is more than enough to simply hand someone a citation notice.

NOTE: Rolling a window down all the way has NOTHING to do with “safety” for the officer. It is far more difficult for an officer to be stabbed or shot with a window acting as a barrier. It is only so that YOU can be more easily Pepper-Sprayed or Tased if a sociopath cop feels that you are giving them lip or dare to not fully “comply” with them, regardless of the necessity or relevance of their orders.

  • dan

    The bully needs a psychiatric evaluation for his own safety.

    • Gus Mueller

      No, he should be killed.

      • Fred

        Yes; the pig should be executed.

      • aman


  • jon

    You go girl. You have more balls than 99 percent of the rest of the country. Believe it or not, it the little things like this that are going to make a big impact, but only if everyone starts standing up like you. God bless you.

  • Breathial

    Woman: “Why did you drag me out of the car? You drug me out of the car!”
    Cop: “You’re right, because you wouldn’t comply!”

    This thug cop thinks that his WORD is literally the LAW, and that everyone has to blindly follow his orders, no matter how illegal or unjustified. I hope she sues the PD for this crap.

    I suppose the only good news is that he didn’t punch/taze/shoot her, because he FELT like it…

    There is a day of reckoning coming for these thugs in costumes… I don’t know how or when it will start, but the tension could be cut with a knife… And when these thugs suffer retaliation (which I suspect has already started in some parts of the country), I won’t shed a single crocodile tear for ’em. God knows, they abundantly deserve what they’ll reap.

    • Andrea

      You are right and i cannot wait till this day comes. People never forget. Those so called cops look to me as they have come out of jail and dressed with a cheap cop uniform to do the criminal job. They are cowards, they only act like this because they have a gun in the hand and they come in groups because they are afraid to act alone even with a gun in their hands. Cowards and no balls at all. The police woman looks like a slab, very cheap bitch.

      • DanaWanaPskana

        Courts back up the criminal behavior by cops religiously. They get away with literally murder in that court. They file false reports all the time, get away with beatings, tazings, all kinds of unjustified violence. In Burlington, Vermont I was banned from the grocery store (there is a monopoly on food, only one grocer allowed in the whole city area) because I reported being physically molested and antagonized by one of the workers there. Summarily banned from my food here for life. The cops beat me in the head for trying to buy food then the store destroyed the video of it; the cops lied -all- over the police report in humungous ways and after I reported it to the authorities, everyone I could they have so far gotten away with it! One of the cops slammed my head into the bulletproof glass as I was taken to jail for ‘attempted grocery shopping’. That dangerous shopping list I had and empty water jug with the cash in my pocket was oh-so-dangerous.
        I don’t see the lawsuits catching up with the Police corruption quickly enough. What I fear is that people are going to get sick, have enough of the abuse and start behaving like police of the police. Then all hell could break loose!



    • DanaWanaPskana

      At least she has great cleavage and is on the pretty side:)

  • It is I only

    Simple! Find out who he is? Where does he live? All about his close family?
    File for future action!

  • billy bob

    this is the kind of cop that they want now for their police state, most of the time their abuse is covered up by the courts and even the rest of the cops, its going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

  • Pissed

    I sure would like to see these cop’s name and address flooded across the ‘net.

  • Chris

    I was in Europe recently and got pulled over on two separate occasions for speeding…once in England and once in Ireland. The police officer in England just informed that I was traveling above the speed limit and to please slow down. He did not give me a ticket.
    The police officer in Ireland (called Garda) was as understanding and asked me to step out of the vehicle so we could chat about how it was like to live in America and we did so for 15 minutes, both of us sitting on the back of my rental car and laughing most of the time. No guns trained on me, no unbalanced behavior. Where did America go wrong and can we ever bring it back???? I think a good lawsuit will help.

    • DanaWanaPskana

      Americans do not understand how bad they have it compared with the rest of the so-called ‘civilized’ world. We earn far less money than ever before but prices are far higher. Police are typically unthinking, brutal and ignorant of the law and our rights. We are in what I call a “Cold Civil War’ between people and the State, namely Federal appropriation. The terrorism of 9/11 has given the enforcement branch of the law the gusto and excuse to treat us akin to the inhuman slave practices long banned.
      My question is when do the American people fight back? When do they have enough and give the cops what they give to us? When does America revive- or can it?
      In Burlington, Vermont they are banning and beating people in the head for attempting to buy groceries in the one place food is monopolized. They say they can ban you from the market (called City Market) for being black. Same as City Hall, the public bus depot, the downtown area for political rallies, concerts and all major businesses- simply for being the wrong race or even political persuasion.
      It’s a bit more like Israel/Palestine everyday here in the States. Many people have fled the country with their savings already and I hear great amounts of talk for others doing the same because they don’t like it here any longer, do not feel free whatsoever and do not see a change for the better coming anytime soon!

      • Pauly

        It is far worse yet. 911 was done by the gov. Go look up Building 7, or go see Flight 93 didn’t crash into the field. Etc.

    • Hal

      America is being conditioned to forego it’s GOD given rights to facilitate gangster corrupt politicos and their Corporate lackeys. ( Fienstein ,Schumer etc…) Winston Churchill stated that when you have 10,000 regulations, people will soon lose respect for the law.
      When they enforce unconstitutional laws on you with the barrel of a gun but THEY are above it with lies , the enforcers AND the bastards that made the law are violating their oath of office which is TREASON a hanging offense. As long as they pick us off one by one we’re helpless. They strive to keep the division of the races through media hype and the dumbed down ignorant fall for it. We watch our fellow citizens get abused and don’t help. When you have no job and influence then it will hit home to you personally when your family member shows up beaten and degraded and they look to the impotent you the nutless wonder.
      Good God America ! What indeed HAS happened to you ? Shame on you.

  • james West

    Police are out of control let one of these weak Bastards try that with me and I will put an end to him.

  • wally58

    Open Season, just ahead. Keep cool. Stay calm. Once started, it will get ugly.

  • goober

    That dumb beatch made a mountain out of a molehill, that cop was more than patient.

    • Rick

      She has rights, the window was down enough, I have been issued several tickets and never rolled my window down completely. Never been asked to either YOU ARE A COP!

  • Martin

    Question the limits of a cop’s authority and he will go into a rage. This guy has the maturity of a third grade bully on a playground. He is in the wrong line of work.


    another fucking asshole bully cop who thinks he is above the law. POLICE FUCKING STATE.

  • john

    sir will you have one or two steroids with your coffee today?

  • Dr Midas Riff

    Another cop with small penis syndrome. That’s why they carry big night-sticks.

  • LandofRetards

    Catch on people! These are not police officers (and they are so retarded they don’t even know who/what they are)! They are revenue officers (collecting revenue) for their corporations! Corporations set their own laws and do not follow the Law of the Land – that’d be the US Constitution. The retarded revenue officers follow and enforce by threat of violence (that’d be terrorism) ONLY their corporate regulations – period! end of story! WAKE THE F UP!
    You all need to establish Constitutional Peace Officers with their man goal and purpose to maintain peace and security – not COLLECT REVENUE.
    When will you all catch on?! If you don’t you’re as retarded as the moron cops in the video

    • Pauly

      They are so stupid, they don’t even know their fellow officers were blown to bits, vaporized really, while in the Twin Towers. The official story is a complete lie.

    • Rick

      Absolutely oorrect landofretards

  • wallry

    Good grief, so much ego.

  • Bobby

    I don’t know. I’ve seen a lot of asshole cops pulling every stupid thing in the book,where they needed to be busted possibly beaten to a plup. But,this cop, literally begged this woman for a long time and made it clear along with a woman cop what they would do if she doesn’t comply. This is iffy. Are we going to have NO LAW and ORDER at all?

  • Ian

    She obstructed a police officer. That is against the law

    • Hal

      What the hell Isn’t againt the law sheep.
      Your simple mindset belongs on the floor of a slaughter house. DON’T jump the fence !
      Follow the chute down all the way to get you and your families throat cut. IT”S THE LAW !It’s for your safety ! Bet you voted for Obama because you liked his shoes too ?
      THEY are breaking the LAW you primate. What will YOU do about that ??

      • Rick

        Well said Hal, SHE BROKE NO LAW!

  • Chad Helm

    That Chick is Hot! There is no way that Cop would ever get his Hands on her any other way! What a Jibroni!!!!!!

  • Robert

    Odd how people interpret stuff- the cop was reasonable and polite. She was the problem– she was unreasonable, combative and confrontational.

    • Rick

      You are a COP!
      She has rights, the window was down enough, I have been issued several tickets and never rolled my window down completely. Never been asked to either.

  • jhtrem

    She asked for and she got it. Seriously no common sense coming from that little dumbass twerp.

  • aman

    Next time you see a Pig Funeral Pass by on the streets. Cheer.
    Cops serve mammon and no longer protect and serve the citizens.
    A cop is a low life job anyway.

  • PLee

    One more example of why people lose respect for law enforcement.

  • Rick

    To Protect and Serve has become, TO DEGRADE AND HUMILIATE !

  • Mrs. W

    This cop lied. He said she rolled the window up onto his hand!!!!!

  • Sean

    you americans are so stupid. obviously the woman had a problem. she’s an a-hole. what if some one came to your place of work and became a problem, then you want a cop right? you need to remember. cops are just doing a job for your safety and in any and every traffic stop their lives are on the line. you complainers suck.

  • Steve

    A motorist is under no legal authority or obligation to roll the window all the way down so long as an enforcement action can take place. If a police officer believes there is an officer safety issue, he can ask her to step out which she must legally comply. While he did ask her to step out, it was obvious it was not for an officer safety issue but rather the officer not being in 100% control of the situation. Sure the girl could have gone along, but she was legally required to. The officer absolutely escalated the situation and my guess is that when it goes to court, the charge will get tossed and the city will have to pay for the damage to the car and then a separate civil lawsuit will take place for which the city will settle out of court. All because this police officer couldn’t pass a citation book through a window.

    Remember, there is no law against being rude, nasty, uncooperative or knowing your rights.
    This guy is an embarassment to the badge and should be terminated immediately.

    25 years on the job and can’t wait to get out

  • Bill

    What has America become? ……What is the process by which your friendly policeman has become a thug to fear?

  • Kevin Earl Wood