Ten Bizarre American Laws

Some of our federal politicians are bloodthirsty and insane warmongers, but at least some of their state-level counterparts are just ‘merely’ bizarre, as witnessed by this factual list of ten bizarre state laws which are currently in effect across the USA. Want to wrestle a bear? Like baggy trousers? Then you might want to avoid living in the USA. And please, whatever you do, do not set off a nuclear device within the limits of Chico, California. (You could be fined a whopping $500 for your transgression.)

  • abinico warez

    Now I understand why there is no law against GMO food: it would make too much sense.

  • Bad Santa

    I fully support the stuff against baggy pants and underwear. Never liked them zombies anyway.

    This is only a tip of the iceberg. If you really want to laugh (or cry), visit http://www.dumblaws.com/