Dog Eats $500, Man Collects Poop, Returns to Treasury, Government Replaces Money


Source: The Libertarian Republic

Editor’s Note: Notice how the Federal Reserve (which creates money out of thin air to begin with) would not replace this man’s money, however the U.S. Department of Treasury (which is ACTUALLY a part of the federal government) would!

Wayne Klinken of Montana managed to scoop enough of his dog Sundance’s poop to get his money back from the government after his pooch ate $500 cash.

Klinkel left Sundance, a Golden Retriever, in his vehicle for only a moment but when he returned he found his money was eaten. Only a small piece of a single $100 note survived along with a measly dollar bill. Sundance sure has expensive taste!

“He’s been notorious for eating paper products,” Klinkel said. “I knew right away what had happened.” Klinkel followed Sundance around diligently the next few days, waiting for him to do his duty. After leaving the bags of frozen poo outside for a few weeks before he hatched his clever scheme to get his money back.

With an old metal mining screen and a hose, the desperate man began sifting through the mess in order to piece the bills back together. He washed them and then diligently assembled them ”It was sort of like putting the puzzle pieces back together,” Klinkel said.

Mr. Klinkel then went to the Federal Reserve in Helena, which turned him away. We wonder why! But he wasn’t going to be deterred. He decided to mail his bag of poo home where it belongs, to the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Mutilated Currency Division. ”There was no guarantee I was going to get anything back,” Klinkel said.

After a short period, he received a letter with a check for $500 to replace his lost money.