ABC News Crew Sets Up Sting! Catches North Carolina Police Breaking The Law!

creepy obese cop

“Morbidly Obese Cop Of Questionable Repute”

You know what, sometimes the mainstream media isn’t so bad after all. (Sometimes).

An ABC News crew recently set up a sting operation in Raleigh, North Carolina to confront police officers who are routinely breaking the traffic laws. The Raleigh area has strict local ordinances regarding speeding drivers, who may completely lose their license for driving more than 15 MPH above the posted speed limit.

The crew are amazed by the incredible amount of abuse by so-called law enforcement authorities, who are caught driving 20 MPH and sometimes up to 30 MPH over the limit. If motorists lose their licenses for going 15 MPH over the limit in designated areas, 20-30 MPH over should probably entail a substantial civil penalty to boot.

At times the news crew could barely keep up with the speeding police officers, as not to break the posted speed limits themselves. In this case, a helicopter is actually used to track them down.

One police officer is even revealed to be a driving instructor, who they tail all the way to his next lesson. That very same police officer will probably show off his arrogant hypocrisy during his instruction, and chastise his student for even momentarily going a few miles over the posted speed limit.

One of the reasons another officer was caught speeding is because he had to get a fresh batch of Dunkin’ Donuts. No joke.

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  • jaydi

    surprise! surprise!

    what about when a badge runs a red light in his civilian vehicle… all the time?

    ah the privileges of power. do you think that sends a good message to the new recruits?

    shouldnt there be a time for speeding and running lights like in an emergency and perhaps a time to obey the law and drive the limit and stop at the red (even in your civilian vehicle)? dexterity in the application of duty. no? yes? maybe?

  • hp

    Driving/eating instructor to be accurate.
    Wow! A lot of porkers. Just makes me feel so safe and free.
    If there wasn’t a camera present, this reporter might have been tased, beaten, maimed and possibly killed for “contempt of cop.”
    That’s not even illegal, is it?