Charley Boorman killed with kindness in “Axis of Evil” member Iran

English TV adventurer, travel writer and actor Charley Boorman starred in the 2008 documentary travel series “By Any Means” which originally aired on BBC. The show featured him completing a journey from Ireland to Australia, all under the premises of using as many different modes of transportation as possible and only taking airplanes when they were absolutely necessary.

This clip shows several segments of his crews journey through Iran, who were initially skeptical that they would even be granted access to the country due to their United Kingdom passports and the less-than-amicable political relations between the two countries. However, they encounter their first pleasant shock in the country when they discover just how surprisingly easy and quick Iranian customs proceedings handle them.

Among the people he befriends during his relatively brief journey through the country are an amateur wrestler turned entrepreneur and a truck driver whose rig has over 1,000,000 kilometers on the odometer. Later on, while taking a long-distance train from the city of Esfahan to the southern coast, a group of very friendly and attractive local women invite themselves into the train cabin where the British entourage are temporarily residing.

Obviously they have been very welcome guests in this country, and these are exactly the kind of wonderful real-life interactions between Westerners and Iranians that Hollywood and the U.S. mainstream media desperately want to keep buried under the rug. CNN, FOX, and a host of other networks and political figures work day-and-night trying to portray everything about Iran as negatively as they can possibly muster, while recent propaganda films like “Argo” portray the Iranian people as humorless, dour, aggressive, short-tempered, zombie-like zealots with absolutely no redeeming qualities.

Charley makes a very astute observation about his experience in Iran around the 0:53 mark of this video clip. “As usual, people are just people. The people seem really kind and nice, and you know, that’s what you normally see around the world really. Only the politicians that make it difficult.”

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